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AI for Web Development – Everything You Need to Know

artificial intelegence

Artificial Intelligence or AI has transformed the digital period’s landscape and added a new dimension to it. It has also added fuel to much of the talk about the “easy living” of people.

Since Artificial Intelligence can exhibit human-like behavior and showcase human-like intelligence, it can reduce humans’ workload & help them plan their daily workflow.

AI has played a major role in various fields such as –

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Ecommerce

Now, many experts believe that it has an important role to play in the field of web development.

Tech giants like Apple, Accenture, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, and so on, have acquired AI-based startups and added their performance into their ecosystem to improve customer experience.

According to a survey, AI software market revenue will reach $126 billion by 2025, and by 2030, global GDP will increase by $15.7 trillion because of AI. All these statistics point to a single trend that AI will play a major role in software development and web application development.

In this article, we will explore the role of AI in web development and analyze the various use case of AI in web development.

The Role of AI in Web Development

These days, when everything has become digital, businesses need to have an online presence to promote their brand. That is where a website / web application can play an important role. It gives your business more visibility and expands your reach as well.

Now, presume the people are visiting your website / web application before making a purchase or taking a decision to select you as your service provider. In that case, providing them with the best user experience becomes the key to success. That is where AI can be a real boost for your business.

For example, if you are running an eCommerce website, providing enough search facility and creating a personalized experience becomes vital. That’s where the AI-based chatbots can quickly respond to customer queries and improve your UX.

AI can also help you transform your design process and free you from repetitive tasks. For instance, if there is a fixed process to generate a prototype for a product design, you can define the flow and then upload it into the AI routine. AI will manage the rest of the things themselves.

In addition, these days, when there is a demand for fast delivery in web application development, AI development solutions can help you speed up the development process. So, all-in-all, if AI is used wisely can prove beneficial for web development.

Now, let’s analyze the use cases of AI in web development so that you can exactly know where it can help you in daily operations.

Use Cases of AI in Web Development

#1: Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

An important role of AI in web design and development is to automate the entire development of development. There is a technology called Artificial Design Intelligence through which you can achieve automation. The technology uses a machine-learning algorithm and creates a custom-made design based on the inputs provided by the human.

air - artificial intelegence

Technology is still taking baby steps in web design; however, it’s undoubtedly going to stay here for a while. The popular ADI design tools Adobe Sensei, The Grid, Firedrop & Wix ADI have made a name for themselves in the shorts term. But, there is still a lot of progress is needed before these tools can replace human intelligence.

For Instance, when it comes to complex design tasks such as cropping an image to a specific size, AI cannot measure the accuracy of professional web designers. However, ADI tools can be used as a value-added technology to reduce your everyday workload.

#2: Creating Personalization with Smart Chatbots

In a web design, user experience is the key to success as it is the primary thing that a user interrelates with on your website. That is where AI-based smart chatbots can inherit human intelligence & provides a personalized experience to all the users, which increases the probability of conversion. It as well helps you to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

According to the study, 58 percent of B2B and 42 percent of B2C companies use chatbots on their websites. Over the past 12 months, 67 percent of the consumers around interacted with chatbots for customer support. Additionally, chatbots are expected to save $8 billion by 20211. Therefore, web development companies should plan as well as invest in AI-based chatbots.

#3: Designing Customer- UX with AI

In this era of the digital era, user experience (UX) is very important, and therefore, creating a customer-centric web design has become vital. That is where AI comes to your rescue, and it can identify the needs of your customers and provide insights into the type of website experience that your user is desires. So, if you design your website accordingly, you will definitely succeed.

Even after a website is launched, you can use Artificial Intelligence to analyze customer performance and their visiting pattern in terms of heatmaps. Based on this analysis, you can make the necessary changes to your website and increase your brand awareness.

#4: Fast and Reliable Searches with Voice-Based Interactions

Voice Search has been developed as one of the future technologies for the last 3-4 years. It has started to take effect in the earlier years or more and will continue to do so in the future. According to a PwC survey, 65% of people between the ages of 25-49 uses voice search every day. 51 percent of the users say that they use voice search for finding a local business near them.

These statistics point to the increase of voice search, therefore, businesses should start adopting it as soon as possible. Voice search optimization has also picked up as a web design trend, mainly for the eCommerce sector, where users want to search the products as quickly as possible.

This is where AI plays a vital role, and ensures clear and consistent communication between the website and the customer. For example, uses Alexa for voice search and through that, it has been able to improve its user experience to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence with Web Development – In short

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a revolutionary technology of the modern age to stay for a very long time. With its growing forecasting skills, intelligence, accuracy, and precision, AI has become a household name for businesses around the world.

However, there was a doubt about how Artificial Intelligence can contribute to the web development field? But, those doubts are now dispelled. Web designing is a field that self-experimentation as well as self-learning; you have to build up new design patterns every day according to the brand’s requirements.

We use the latest web development services and tools to build you a website that will allow you to streamline your workflow and business process. STAR WEB MAKER is a Web Design, PHP Web Development, and eCommerce Web Portal Development in Noida, India that will help you covers your technical needs. We will not only serve you as your tech team, but you will also find reliable & strong partners in us that will assist you to grow.

In these types of scenarios, Artificial Intelligence can be your best bet as it continues to learn and evolve and provide you with amazing details that can help your provide different design solutions. What are you thoughts on using AI for web development & design? Let us know in the comment section below.

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