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Common Mistakes When Creating Logo Design

Thinking about creating a logo, each person makes several classic mistakes. At the same time, his experience in business has practically no significance. Website Design Company in Noida have prepared some practical tips to help avoid this "rake."

Do not trust work to beginners and amateurs?

When creating a business, you think about a good office/store/warehouse, purchase reliable equipment, and look for qualified personnel. So why are you ready to entrust the profane with the creation of the brand name of your brand?

Some entrepreneurs try to draw a logo on their own or entrust the task to colleagues, relatives, and friends. Others find the cheapest offers on freelance exchanges, while others organize contests for all the same amateurs.

If the design company dumps, this most likely means that it is doing badly. It is unlikely that this state of affairs is accidental. It's not a crisis, but the fact that the contractor is not able to create a quality product.

Do not chase modern trends

The goal of a good logo is to not have time and thematic links that lose relevance. A good brand name reflects activity or is neutral. And all the newfangled gradients, volumes and effects may soon become a bad form in design.

Forget the raster

The most effective way to create vector images. They do not consist of individual pixels, but of curves. This allows you to scale the logo as you wish. Convenient, practical, competently. Vector graphics are created using Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

Do not buy a logo on stocks

They may already belong to some brands. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to track how a brand name is used on the network. Perhaps the same product in stock was bought a dozen times. A good logo should be unique. Modern design companies have internal logo-ready stores on their websites. This option is safer.

No designer ego in the logo

When designing a brand logo, the relevance of every detail is important. Therefore, it is better to do without fanciful fonts if they do not fit a specific business.

Avoid excessive complexity

High detail is good at certain dimensions but often does not withstand detail. Recognizability of the logo at any size is much more important.

Do not set the color above the shape

Take the logo and make it black and white. If it retains recognition and attractiveness, the goal is achieved.

The font should fit the logo

The font should fit the logo like a sword to the scabbard. Otherwise, the idea is doomed to failure. The font style and graphic basis must match.

The fewer fonts, the better

If an outside observer sees three fonts in one image, this adversely affects the perception of the complete picture. One or two fonts is the best option for a recognizable brand logo.

No obvious plagiarism

Inspiring and stealing is not the same thing. If the logo is corny stolen, it is a stone in the garden of both the designer and the customer.


Entrusting the work of a logo design company in Noida, you will at least receive an exclusive trademark for which you will not be ashamed of partners, customers, investors. The better the logo looks, the more people subconsciously trust your company.

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