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How To Make Website Design Structure That Will Enhance SEO

We’ve all heard the quote – failing to plan is planning to fail – right? Well, that is relevant everywhere, including website development as well as design. If you need your website to rank a top the search engine and attract visitors, you must pimp it with a well-planned structure. Your website should never be a disorganized page and post collection. As a substitute, it should be a well-laid-out hub of effortlessly searchable content that both users and the search engine can steer and understand. In this comprehensive guide, we share some of the best little-known tips to create an irresistible site structure that will enhance SEO. To boot us off, let’s look at why a well-structured website is vital.

Why Is Your Website Design Structure Important?

There are two most important reasons why you need to structure your website; for easier usability as well as find-ability. Structuring your website well makes a clear-cut road map for your visitors to discover the information they are looking for easily. You also want Google crawlers to find the way your pages easily and understand your content for improved SEO. Let’s give details further.

How to Create the Best Website Design Structure to Enhance SEO

A Well-Structured Website Increases User Experience (UX)

Visualize the amount of aggravation your website visitors may have to bear for over and over again failing to find the information they are looking for consistently they click your site. If that’s the case, you can rest assured the number of site visit will decrease, with several users going to the extent of leaving pessimistic online reviews, and that’s enormously detrimental to SEO. As you possibly aware, Google’s algorithms first and foremost rely on the user’s behavior to rank you site. If it has below- par click-through rates and dwell time, it won’t achieve superbly in the SERPs. On the flip side, if visitors discover the information they are seeking without struggle, i.e., your site has an outstanding site structure, they’ll stay longer as well as exit only after achieving their mission.

Fabulous Structuring Practices Gives Your Site with Sitelinks

Do you ask for people to have a comprehensive view of your entire site form now a single spot? Structuring your website graciously makes this a reality, as Google will give sitelinks for that purpose. In case you are wondering, sitelinks are a listing format that depicts your website’s main page along with important internal links just below it. Sitelinks are superb SEO boosters as they reason lots of commendable advantages. These comprise enhancing site navigation, directing visitors to the most appropriate content, shortening the conversion channel, improving click-through rates, dominating SERPs, elevating user belief, improving your brand reputation, as well as more. But how can you acquire sitelinks? The small answer is that you don’t acquire them – Google awards them mechanically if you have an appropriate site structure. So the only opportunity to sitelinks is improving your site’s structure, and doing so means more targeted traffic, advanced click-through rates, and higher conversions. Isn’t that each website owner or digital marketer’s dream?

Step-By-Step Process For Creating The Top Site Structure

Having tacit the value a good site structure takes to usability as well as findability, the next stage is to discover how to create the best website structure to enhance SEO. So let’s get down to business!

#1: Develop A URL Structure That Aligns With Your Navigation Hierarchy

Create a URL structure is the second step to developing an irresistible site structure. The excellent news is, this is frequently a no-brainer, particularly if you paid keen consideration to setting up out the site hierarchy. You will simply be subsequent the site hierarchy. Let’s suppose you want to generate a URL structure for a managed IT services provider in Noida, India. Therefore your group will be, say, Noida IT services, furthermore, you can have sub-categories for instance Specialty Areas, IT Services, Locations, About, and Contact Us. Under Locations, you can include Paddington, Glebe, and Randwick. The key takeaway here is that you need to organize your URL according to your site hierarchy. That means that the URL must contain actual works (not symbols) and the appropriate keywords if applicable.

#2: Make Your Site Navigation in CSS or HTML

The navigation menu ought to be as simple to creep by the search engine crawlers as possible. Website guests also shouldn’t have a tricky time navigating your site. That is why it is advisable to use the most clear-cut coding languages – CSS and HTML. Using more intricate coding options like Javascript, AJAX, or Flash confines the crawler’s ability to contact your site as well as cover its well-structured navigation plus hierarchy. Moreover, you know what that signifies to SEO – Google and other search engines will hardly rank your website as elevated as it deserves.

#3: Make a Header/Menu Listing Your Primary Navigation pages

The most excellent website structure should feature a top header or navigational footer listing all of the site’s main pages. Moreover if you must comprise the sub-categories, be sure to keep them very minimal. However, we extremely discourage it because adding other menu elements causes unnecessary distraction among users & crawlers. Also, you want to stay away from dropdown menus with CSS effects like a plague. While they create a unique user experience, they add no value to SEO whatever. You additionally want to avoid image-based navigational structures. In its place, leverage well-anchored text links - they provide the top SEO.

#4: Develop a Through Internal Linking Structure

The last step of creating the Best Website Design Structure to Enhance SEO is to draft a complete internal linking structure. Think of it as the perfect icing on your cake as it adds more taste to your already pimped-up website hierarchy. Here are the main reasons you want to include internal links to your website:
  • They allow visitors navigate your website broadly
  • They help establish information hierarchy for the exacting site
  • They increase the “ranking power” across webpages
When you accomplish all these, you shall have created a well-integrated site structure, although indirectly. Internal linking tells search engine crawlers what pages are important, plus how to get them. Consequently, the more you link internally, the enhanced is for SEO.


There are many factors to consider when optimizing your website for search engines, and the site structure is arrogantly one of them. Unluckily, it’s one of the most overlooked methods. It’s never too late to get started, though; if you’re planning to increase a new website or redesign an existing one, this is your opportunity to apply the steps discussed above, then sit back & see how SEO will work its magic. Star Web Maker is a leading Website Design Company in Noida that creates beautiful websites for better business. We specialize in WordPress website for all of your websites. For more information on how to create the best website design structure to enhance SEO, Contact Us Today!

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