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How to promote your Facebook page for free

Most business owners are always on the lookout for promoting their business. Their aim is to increase awareness and get their business recognized by target customers. Facebook is a very effective method of doing just that. However, you need to bear in mind that it is good to have a Facebook page, but only if it is visited by sufficient number of people. The question is how you can get more people to visit your page. It is quite tough to get your Facebook page noticed, to get page likes and to increase the organic reach of your posts. Let us look at some methods by which you can promote your Facebook page for free.

Build a base audience of friends and family

After you have made your Facebook page the next step is to invite friends and family to like the page. This in turn will set the digital footprint on Facebook. At the same time it will attract a valuable test audience. Here you should bear the following in mind:

  • Lookout for the types of posts that attract maximum engagement – are the videos, photos or the insider tips that most people engage with
  • Ask the people what they want to see and provide suggestions for your business.
  • Ask people to share your page and invite others to like it.

You need to make sure that your page has life and attract engagement otherwise it will not help your business much. Your first focus should be on building a quality audience. This will lead to natural activity that will fill up your page and this will promote your page.


Engage with individuals

One of the best ways to get more followers and likes is to interact and enhance engagement with people who comment on your posts or simply follow you. A good idea is to thank the person who has commented on your post and then ask them a question related to the post. The algorithm of Facebook will show your interaction on News feed of the followers on your page as well as the news feed of the individual who commented.

  • Reply to any comment on the page as it is a simple way to interact with fans and let them know that you are actively engaging with users on Facebook.
  • Write about what you are doing behind the scene of your Facebook page and ensure that the people involved in those activities also become active on the page
  • Use the Facebook poll feature ask the users to answer a question in your poll. The question can be silly or serious as long as it enhances engagement.

Provide interesting and useful content

The first thing you need to remember is that Facebook is not about selling. Instead it is useful for connecting with your target audience. If you provide interesting, relevant and useful content then you will connect very easily with the people who may later on become loyal customers. Let us look at what relevant content means.

  • Timely tips and tricks – for instance pictures or decoration ideas for holidays, or seasonal industry information
  • News and events – keep your audience updated with upcoming industry events or business events
  • Interviews – you can interview an important person or a customer and post the video
  • Show behind the scenes pictures or videos of your business or events.

There are other ways of promoting your Facebook page for free and you can look for blogs and articles like the one above for ideas and tips. With a little extra effort you can make your Facebook page popular and attract loyal customers. This in turn will enhance your sales and profit.

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