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The growing India start ecosystem has been attracting from local stakeholders, in India several founders are looking to start business in India. There are no limits and restrictions to initiate a business or who want to become an entrepreneur. There is no need for any business experiences. We are discuss about to start a business step by step, these steps are help you to start up- Get Business ideas- Firstly, before going to thinking of how to start a business in India you have to find some good business ideas. Do some research and choose what will work for you, many opportunities which you can choose what you want to do. Always try to choose new ideas which the competition is low and high demanded, try unique ideas that make chances of success of your business. Research and planning- After finding good business idea you have to make a list of planning like given below-

  • Find unique name for your business.
  • Find out the demand of your services which are going to deal with.
  • Check the competition and competitors of your business product outside.
  • Search also the sources of your products and services.
Financial Planning- Financial planning is one of the most parts of start a business, you always aware when you doing financial planning for business. Include all investments to start your business and check your investment in your budget or not. Business Registration- Business registration is important and difficult thing you may face when you start your business in India. If you want to register your business you need to deal with some government clauses. If your business is not registered, then your business is not a business unless it registered. In India there are different types of business registration. You can contact your CA for your business registration. Product or Services- You have to decide very smartly what products and services are in demanded and which are not. If you don’t do carefully you may going into a big loss and may led to your business closure. So, select demanded services that will help you running your business smoothly and being success. Marketing Plan- At starting of your business, you not get expected result because your business is new in market and people still don’t know about your services. Make a market plan for increase your business visibility, which define your budget for your business promotion and also plan how you can market your business. Promotion of business- After creating a business plan, than promote your business and products. To promote your services the best way is Digital Marketing. Through digital marketing you can reach a maximum people who take interest in your business, at minimal budget. In other way you can promote like- Holdings, pamphlets, newspaper ads and etc but in these marketing, you need large budget for promoting your business.

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