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How to Start a New Ecommerce Web Portal in India

With the changing times, people are fulfilling their needs through the Internet. We are talking about the e-commerce web portal where you buy from big E-commerce portals, from eating your choice to riding. If you also want to sell goods through E-commerce web portal except offline, then there is no reason to panic. What will be required for online business, today we will give you complete information.

Requirements for New E-commerce Web Portal

To start a new e-commerce portal, We will tell you some basic rules so that your portal is web development, web design as well as SEO friendly, which is very important today.
  1. Domain Name - Select the smallest and unique domain name for your new startup online business, which will be remember at the mouth of the people in one go, this will help you a lot in branding of your business.
  1. Web Hosting - Web hosting is necessary for every website, try to buy good hosting is get to hackers, malware, data security, website speed and more.
  2. Web Design - Professional website design reflects your brand and company, plus the user can easily access the website. Whenever you get a good design, check these things especially which is like white space, color, navigation, positioning and alignment, mobile ability, typography, and usability.
  3. Web Development - Use new language in e-commerce website so that any technology implementation can be done in the coming time. Here some object oriented programming language (Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, CSS, MangoDB, AngularJS, NodeJS) which will building e-commerce web portal.
  1. SEO Friendly - Advertising has to be done to bring in traffic and users after any new website is created. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique used to rank a website in the top rank on search engines. Due to which any user searches the keywords on the search engine, then the website appears. Your E-commerce web portal should be SEO friendly for this like URLs, Mobile friendly design, unique content, website speed, optimized image and more.

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