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How To Use Keywords in Content Writing?


Choosing the best keywords for content writing is a very important task, but some copywriters do not pay enough attention.

The right keywords can make a vast difference to your content’s performance, so what are you waiting for?

Learn how to choose the BestKeywords in Content Writing now!

Why You Need Effective Keywords for your Content Writing

Keywords are what get you found online, therefore you really should give them the attention they deserve.

Search engine crawlers use keywords to regulate what your piece is about. They then decide where you rank by comparing your piece to others targeting similar keywords, judging it on relevance and popularity.

Basically, the better your keywords are, the higher your ranking will be. However, you need to have top-notch valuable content also, the best keyword in the world alone won't help you rank high on the SERPs.

Without the best Keywords for Content Writing, your pieces won’t be found by search engine crawlers or potential customers, therefore can result in a loss of revenue – and we do not want that!

Luckily, we have got some useful tips to help you out:

What Makes a Good Keyword?

There are three main elements that help create the best keywords for content writing:

  1. Specificity
  2. Long-tail phrases
  3. Realistic search phrases

Let’s look at the first two elements with an example. Imagine you own a bike shop in India. It specializes in racing bikes & often hires bikes for tourists.

The keyword ‘bicycle’ or ‘bike’ is not going to cut it – it’s so generic that it’s going to be super-difficult to rank for. Therefore, you need to add a little more detail. This could include:

  • Type of bike – ‘racing bike’
  • Where you are based – ‘racing bikes in India’
  • The services you offer – ‘racing bikes for hire in India’.

As you can see, the name ‘keyword’ is a bit of a misnomer – ‘keyphrase’ might be a better description because you can use more than one word. By using longtail phrases you can be much more specific, and reduce your competition for ranking.

Region-specific keywords are also essential because they tell search engines where your business is, and therefore help local customers find you.

The third element, using realistic search phrases, is vital. You need to use phrases that potential customers will search for or your page will simply never appear.

Think about what questions they might ask and how you would go about finding your content online if you were the one looking. It really helps to know your target market well, so consider creating audience personas to help with this.

The importance of this area is growing with the development of semantic search. These new techniques seek to improve accuracy and produce more relevant results by understanding searcher determined and the contextual meaning of search terms. That means you have to understand it too!

Voice search is also on the risetherefore you should consider it in your keyword planning.

How To Choose The Right Keyword

We have explained the why and what, so now it’s time for the how. Here’s how we suggest going about selecting your keywords for content writing:

#1: Research

General business knowledge will only get you so far. Proper keyword research is the only thing that will enable you to make an informed decision about what phrases to use.

Start by creating a list of topics related to your business – the ones you generally blog about are a great starting point. For the bike shop example, it would consider topics such as tire pressure, local trails, races-events, and celebrity riders.

From that list, think of specific keywords you might want to use. Think of what you would be asked to find information on those topics. Write down everything that comes to mind, you can always shorten your list if it gets too long.

Choose the keywords you think are the best from the list, type them into Google, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will see the related search terms – they can also act as your target keywords.

#2: Plan and Test

By now, you have probably got a pretty big list of keywords you could use. However, you need a little more information before you dive in as well as start trying to use their planning & testing is the best way to cut them down to the most effective. Use software such as WordTracker and Google Keyword Planner. These will assist you to narrow down your list based on quantitative data. It will tell you things like.

  • The amount of search traffic for the keyword
  • Competition for that keyword
  • Click & cost performance forecasts

This software will additionally give you some ideas for keywords you may not have thought of, so it’s worth taking a look.

Test where you presently stand on Google. Type in your selected keyword and see if you rank on the first page. If you do not, you really need to get work – 75 % of searchers do not look past page one!

#3: Place Keywords in Effective Positions

It’s not just about which keywords you pick, it’s about where you put them as well. Here are the key places your keywords should be:

  • Title
  • Meta Data (Title, Description, Focus Keyword & URL)
  • Subheadings
  • Body Copy
  • Anchor Text

Use tools such as Yoast to determine your SEO score and whether your keyword has been distributed effectively.

When you are placing keywords throughout your text, ensure they are relevant and that they gel with the rest of the text. If you do not, you run the risk of keyword spamming & getting penalized by Google. If that happens, you won’t be ranking vastly for quite some time!

Aim for a natural copy with some mentions of the keyword inside, however, don’t go overboard. It’s best to let these keywords guide your content strategy and then they will fit in nicely.

You may want to consider a content audit as well as update your old content therefore you can be sure everything focuses on these new core keywords.

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