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As we know, in this unprecedented time more companies apply work from home policies allowing their employees to stay safe from this covid 19 pandemic. The employees are now tasked with trying to be as productive without their resources and routines. We can also say that every job is different and the amount of strategies which you are able to achieve will vary between career type and internal policies but some of key method to working from home comes to getting your task effectively. Almost for all people, this is first time they are working remotely. The people are not sure for what to do and how to use actionable work from home strategies to remain productive and more effective. Here some tips for Remote workers need to transform work from home into a productive workspace-                                                                                                                           Focus on your work- Through work from home policy remote employees feel like home isolation during this pandemic. we should up to date about current situation and stay alert about what you need to know and do focus on your work. Set up a home office by create some limitations- This is important to stay productive while working from home. You may take any era of your house and convert it into a small office with clean and quit corner, where you can work peacefully. Make sure you should not get distract with any time of noise, family and others things around you.                                                                                          Keep up your skill – The work from home situation you can achieve a potential opportunity to develop your skill. At home you can learn more technology to increasing your work productivity. You can say that this can be a high time for your experiment with new ways of skill development and applying new tactics of working efficiently.                                                                          Be available as your need- When you do work from home makes sure you always available, especially during your working hours. You always with more flexibility come great responsibility. Internet connectivity through smartphones has made it easy to send emails and inform colleagues when you are on the go.                                                                                               Communication – If you have any situation where you need to communicate with your boss or co-workers then go with Google+ Hangout. It is very excellent and useful medium to meet one to another. You should also talk about your problem which faces during working, discuss about your task and other things. Above we discuss about some effective ways to increase productivity during working from home. But apart from that if there is some disadvantages also which company faces to their employees like- Some time there is difficulties to managing the home worker’s performance during work from home Company should be maintain the staff morale but at some moment it can be harder to maintain team spirit when employees are working from different locations. Due to bad internet connectivity it can break the communication between co-workers and they failed to discuss about their task.

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