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Lockdown for 21 Days in Nationwide for Controlling Corona Virus Infection

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Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a 21-day lock down nationwide, this lock down as a “Curfew” to less the spread of COVID-19. He appealed to the people “with folded hands” to practice strict social distancing.

The restrictions came into force at after midnight of 24th march and will be enforced for 21 days and this will continue until April 14.

The PM said all people of nation have practiced social distancing, and the “Break the chain of corona virus” next 21 days, the corona virus breakout could impel  the country back by 21 years, and several families would be destroy forever.

"There will be a total ban on go out from your homes next 21 days from Tuesday" Mr Modi said.

PM Modi has tweeted By converging around shops, you are risking the spread of COVID 19.Don’t panic to buy the essentials needs please stay at your home. PM Modi repeat- All  Center and State Governments will ensure all essentials are available for citizens.

In recent days the measures follow a sharply increase corona positive cases. There have been 565 confirmed cases across India and 11 reported deaths by current updates. This is impossible to understand the cost of this epidemic that India may have pay if such people will not follow the appeal," Mr Modi warned at the time. "Social distancing is the only option to control corona virus."

After the PM’s speech, the Union home ministry, in an unprecedented move, announced shutting down all government and private establishments, apart from those involved in essential services, and all modes of transport, during the duration of the lock down.

Mr Modi warned that if India does not "handle these 21 days well, then our country... will go backwards by 21 years". he said, In this curfew "We will have to pay the economic cost but is the responsibility of everyone."

Prime Minister Modi some key lines-

  • 21 days Lock down is very important to break the chain of corona virus.
  • All Indian please be serious for current situation and he said that all infected developed country had faced problems in controlling this corona virus.
  • He said again and again that "social distancing was the only way to stop" the virus spreading.
  • Modi strictly said that all people don’t spread rumors and to follow the instructions.

In India on all international arrivals has already banned and grounded domestic flights also. The country's railway services has also suspended most passenger faces many problems. Many places in India, including cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, are already under tight restrictions. But this may extends every corner of the country to controlling this epidemic. The implications of a total lock down in India are huge, not just economically, but socially.


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