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The Future of Digital Marketing In 2022


Digital Marketing is constantly changing and emerging, but 2022 will likely hold some dramatic changes. Businesses and brands should not only plan for the future of digital marketing but also be prepared to take advantage of it.

Because of its several advantages, the digital marketing industry has undergone significant growth in recent times. A firm functioning in an industry experiencing such fast growth needs to be aware of all prominent market trends to cope with them timely. For a company to be able to capitalize on market changes, it needs to be well conscious of the growing market dynamics.

Lists of some notable trends that are expected to dictate the digital marketing industry in the coming years are discussed below.

The End of Cookies Will Lead to the Rise of AI

I’m sure that you have heard of Google’s announcement that it will end their support of third-party cookies on their Chrome browser in 2022. This will have a huge impact on marketers, as chrome is the preferred browser, given the fact that it accounts for about 70 percent of all market share.

So what does this mean for your business? Well, this will require major changes on your part.

AI-Based Automation

Artificial Intelligence has made great strides in the last few years, and we all have experienced a tremendously growth among businesses using Artificial Intelligence-powered technologies.

AI helps brands to market and target customers on a complete new level. From sending automated sequenced emails to linking one platform to another, AI has a vast role in marketing and is helping marketers to automate the 99 percent of the process. As well as data collection and analysis with technologies such as data science and AI have been a boon enabling hyper-personalization of customers’ experiences.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve as well as expedite growth, you will need AI.


Chatbots have been an important part of digital marketing automation and will continue to be so in 2022 and beyond. The Chatbots are actually AI-based technology that provides the facility of instant messaging on chat in real-time, day or night, to your customers. The Facts show that Chatbots will power 90 percent off customer support services by 2022. Chatbots are very helpful as they are active 24/7 unlike humans, providing quickly and accurately responses.

Visual Content Marketing

It has already been proven that people favor visual content over plain text. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are the best examples of this.

With the advancements technology, watchable content is a preference over texts and designs these days. This paves the way for videos, podcasts, as well as creative designing, which are more attractive, interesting & absorbed better.

Voice Search Marketing

According to Google, More than 50 percent of searches will be voice searches by the end of 2022. Voice search is the most recent trend that continues to have a main influence on how brands market themselves & create content. A smart artificial intelligence-based speaker and smart assistants such as Alexa & Google Assistant are bringing new challenges. It has changed how marketers optimize websites to rank for targeted keywords.

Influencer Marketing

No one knew about influencer marketing some years back but now it’s one of the most popular marketing strategies. Influencer marketing mainly takes the help of people who can impact their user’s buying decisions.

There is one more new concept in the market that is micro-influencer marketing. Micro-influencer marketing is an extreme different approach that is typically more successful at reaching those target individuals. In micro-influencer marketing, we go for influencers who don’t have a huge audience but the engagement rate is greatly higher, making it easier to get the people who will interest in purchasing your products or service.

Increased Reliance on Virtual Assistants

Voice-powered searches have been around, however 2021 saw a rush in its use thanks to the soaring fame of Siri, Google Home, as well as Amazon Alexa. Users are starting to interact with their devices more using this simple hands-free technology, and talking to phones no longer feels weird, unlike when it first started.

Currently, about 50 percent of search queries are initiated by voice search, and these statistics will rise in 2022. Voice searches are generally more personalized as well as conversational than keyword searches. This helps AI tools easily understand a user’s intent and respond with personalized answers to their queries.

Blogs and Website Content Are Still In

Blogs and website content is still popular & will continue to be popular until 2022. You can use AI tools like Answer the Public to find what your consumers are looking for and develop a content strategy around it.

As of 2021 more than 70 percent of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. Effective content marketing will help you rank high on Google’s search results, which signifies more targeted traffic for your business!

Social Messaging Apps

The majority of people think that Social Messaging Apps are just for casually interacting with your friends, take a look at these facts:

  • There are about 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger
  • Each month, around 10 billion messages are exchanging among people and businesses on Facebook Messenger.
  • WhatsApp Messenger has 1.6 billion active users, as well as 55 billion messages, are sent on this platform every day

These facts show nothing however the popularity of social messaging apps, and as people are spending most of their time on these apps, it really makes sense to market products as well as services on the platforms where your potential customers are hanging out.

Along with that social messaging apps can be very useful in sending direct messages to customers. Besides that, customers as well expect businesses to have a presence on such types of messaging apps so that they can converse directly and easily interact with the product.


Digital Marketing Trends In 2022 are likely to be more dynamic than that of 2021. There are numerous digital marketing services, tips and tools that will trend in the next year. So if you are looking for a trusted digital marketing partner for your brand to make it stand out, get in touch with us at STAR WEB MAKER.

What are your opinions? What digital marketing trend do you think will be most significant in 2022? Do share your opinion in the comment section below.

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