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Top 10 eCommerce Web Design Ideas to Reach More Customers

Running an eCommerce business can be difficult if you do not have the right tools, or don’t know where to find them. Never fear, there are simple and proven methods you can use to increase your customer base by focusing on building your eCommerce website design.

In this article, we will tell you about Top 10 eCommerce Web Design Ideas to Reach More Customers. You’ll discover different techniques and ideas that can help increase your business and convert into more sales.

#1: Website Need To Be Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive eCommerce website – content fills the screen without running off the sides and is easy to navigate. A huge number of users will be scrolling your site on their phones. If your page isn’t set up to be mobile-responsive, you immediately lose that group of customers. This is the reason our first tip is to keep your store mobile-responsive.

A good website builder will turn your website into mobile templates to make sure this is the case. This is especially helpful for eCommerce sites since you’re based fully online. You want everyone to have an equal opportunity to shop with you.

#2: Put Your Top Products In Front and Center

Your store must highlight your more popular products. This could mean products that sell the most, customers review the uppermost, or the ones that make you the most money.

Try highlighting them with contrasting colors, adjusting the layout or size of the images, and making banners to promote these high-qulaity products. If you can divert people’s attention to the top products you want to push, you will end with more sales. This is like building a display around the top product or putting it eye level on the shelf of a brick-and-mortar.

#3: Use a Pop-Up Sign-Up Sheet

An effective sign-up form – pop-ups provide incentive, but isn’t too pushy. A huge number of successful eCommerce websites use an instant pop up sign-up sheet.


It helps with re-marketing. Re-marketing is essential because some viewers simply do the initial searches, feeling out their options, and taking a look at availability as well as pricing.

By collecting their email addresses, you have the chance to engage the potential customer and once they have time to think about their options. A quick email from you can strike them at the right time and they will decide to go with your shop.

Just make sure that if you ask for their address right away that you are offering something otherwise they’re most likely to just close the pop-up and move on.

#4: Remember the Best SEO Practices

SEO is not compelling enough when it comes to your eCommerce website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – it is a way to move up top on the list of search results. If you put more focus into SEO, you will get more exposure to your website, more views, and more reach.


If you are looking for SEO tips for eCommerce websites, boil them down to three tips: use the right keywords, write smart product descriptions, and make the most of built-in tools.

  • KEYWORDS – Keywords are words or phrases that a customer might search to find you. If you use this correct keyphrase a few times in your online content, search engines will start to associate your store with this phrase. With enough success, it will emerge as the first overall result when someone looks it up. Even beginners can use SEO effectively.
  • USE CLEAR PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – The description of your product should be thorough, easy-to-read, and clearly describe the product. Search engines look at your product description to determine how pertinent it is. By writing rich and correct descriptions, you will help your search engine rankings and communicate to your customers more explicitly, thus winning.
  • INCLUDED SEO TOOLS – The right website builder comes with SEO tools designed to improve your site. The website builder from built-in Constant Contact tools like this to optimize your site and help the overall performance. By embedding SEO right into your eCommerce site, you will be able to take advantage of powerful metrics and data that will help you make informed decisions about which keywords to use, where you can add more links, and more. A quality SEO tool makes it very easy to know of what you are doing is successfully moving you up in the search engine ranks.

#5: Use High-Quality & Great Images

Great images can help display your products and introduce the voice of your products. An image is worth a thousand words. With an eCommerce site that doesn’t have a lot of space to waste, this is a really big deal. You want your images to be focused & high-resolution.

It’s also an excellent idea to take numerous shots of each product and create a slideshow for each product listing. Sometimes a customer needs to see a product in action before deciding whether they want to buy it. This is particularly true for clothing stores. Your eCommerce store should basically revolve around your images.

#6: Keep It Very Simple

You want to simplify the process and keep it very simply for your customers. Viewers should not have to search for buttons or dig too far to find the correct category. Drop-down menus, for instance, help simplify the process and keep your website looking clean as well as clear.

Check out some of your favorite eCommerce sites, or competitor sites, to see how they organize their content. Unless you have a valid reason to change something, it’s usually smart to model your shop after industry norms, therefore users know what to expect and how to contact your site.

It is much easier for someone to shop with you, where they are more willing to complete the purchase and give you a sale. Amazon is an excellent example of a easy way to encourage the sale. With their “one-click buy” option, users are able to faultlessly and quickly complete their purchase.

#7: Make Your Content Scannable

This website is easily scannable because it uses color and alignment to make it clear how information is interrelated. The other part of keeping it simple is making your site easy to scan. A shopper does not want to spend too much time trying to decipher your shop. They want to get in, shop, purchase & leave.

Use big headers and clearly show the different sections of your store. If you are selling a wide range of products categories, the user should be able to scan your site & see each category that might interest them. Another way to accomplish this is by keeping paragraphs short, using numerous headers, sizes, suing bulleted or numbered lists, and adding images.

#8: Keep The User In Mind

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to constantly remember the user. Create a great shopping experience so people keep coming back. One of the quickest ways to build brand reliability is to turn customers into loyal, life-long customers is to build your shop around them.

This could refer to how easy it is to purchase, creating excellent products description, using a smooth interface, and remember your color scheme. By engaging with your customers, through research, on social media, or other types of organizing, you can get real feedback about what they like most.

Customers will rapidly notice how much work went into optimizing their experience. Leave a permanent impression by doing this step right.

#9: Be Honest About Prices

Lying and using tricks will not work on your eCommerce website. Customers want to see honest pricing therefore they know what to expect at checkout. Checkout and shipping won’t be calculated until the end, however you should try to avoid hidden fees & charges.

A higher price than expected may cause the prospective customer to abandon their cart and go to your competitor’s store.

#10: Remember The Goal: Make a Sale

At the end of the day, you shop is there for one reason: to make money. All decision in your eCommerce store should ultimately lead to making sales and profit. By using all the tip on this list, you should reach more customers and make more money.

Take Your eCommerce Store to the Next Level

A well-designed eCommerce website design can boost your business. You have just learned some tips that can assist you find success in your space. Use these top ten eCommerce website designs tips to get more customers.

As you grows and see more success, ensure you have the right tools to empower you.

At Star Web Maker, our experts evaluate your business objectives and propose the best appropriate eCommerce solution. We make sure that our solutions deliver a great user experience and are reliable. Outsource your eCommerce development project to us and you will never regret it.

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