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Top 10 Innovative Web Design Trends For 2021

Web design trends for upcoming years look brilliant and give us a fair chance to want to be interested and excited about it.

According to a study, there are over 1.8 billion websites and around 200 million active websites to date, day by day there are around thousands of new websites that are added to the existing competition of websites.

Having a web design that is advanced with relevant trends will help your brand to be prominent from the crowd. Having a trendy and active website may be the final decision maker for a customer to opt you over your competitors.

Customers visit hundreds of websites daily. This means that businesses require right away catching the attention of the users and making them stay on a platform for longer. One of the ways to accomplish something is to have a visually appealing, interesting and entertaining web design that matches your company’s values.

Before you start re-designing an old website or developing a new one, you require being aware of the latest design trends. So, in the blog post, we explain all the innovative website design trends for 2021 and beyond…

#1: Minimalism Design

Minimalistic Design is the prospect of web design as well as it is going to lead the web design trends in 2021. In basic terms, design which include very few elements to design an artistic and creative design. The clear focus is to make simpler the content and graphics, so the less is more.

Minimalism doesn’t constantly mean simplistic design; it additionally promotes the removal of unnecessary elements from the design.

How to design minimalistic:

  • Decide what you want to show the users, based on that limit your assets and focus on consistent design.
  • List down all the significant elements for your website however make sure to remove unnecessary elements.
  • Limit the number of colors and fonts, at last combine all the elements.

#2: 3D Visuals Everywhere

This is additionally a new trend in which many websites are incorporating. The 3D design easily grabs user attention and improves user interest in your website/brand. This design is presently easily used due to the emergence of new tools to create 3D art.

This design ought to be used in such a way that all everything remains uncluttered. This design goes well with fluorescent colors & to balance those funky colors use primary colors (white, black or grey) on the website.

#3: Use of Bot and AI

These days everything is smart your mobile phones, TV, watch, and so on. Then why not make your website smart. The new technologies like Augmented Reality, Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence is utilized to make website user friendly.

This technology will assist developers as well as designers to create targeted and personalized pages for a user based on their demographics, search history et cetera. The futuristic website will be intended in such a way that user will be capable of interact with the website.

#4: Jumbo Elements and Bold Typography

There is an innovative trend of putting bold typography as well as oversized lettering on the website. Oversized Elements can effortlessly draw the user’s concentration as well as engages them. The bold and big characters can reflect your brand note more efficiently than smaller characters.

As we utter, “the first impression is the last impression”, thus your website first impression ought to be spontaneous, engaging as well as attractive. You can as well use a video or image as a background and superimpose it with large typography. However you the content ought to be short and crisp, therefore that bold and big characters can effortlessly fit on the page layout.

#5: Negative or White Space

The vacant areas between the elements on the website are known as negative or white space. The white space makes a contrast and gives ideal balance. White space does not mean that color of blank space ought to be white; you can decide nay light color that contact with your foremost theme.

White space assists the user to focus on the major content on the website and gives a neat and clean manifestation. The primary part of minimalistic design is to efficiently utilize white space on the website. Whitespace provides the website an easy, uncluttered as well as balanced look.

#6: Personalized and localized Content

This inclination has been evolving for a number of years and users love it. In 2021, the designers are attempting to use this trend to provide the website a fresh and unique look. Using this theme, you can deliver in excess of one message on a only page. For instance, on one side you can post content as well as on the other side photo or video.

To make use of this design efficiently, slash the layout into two parts symmetrically. Nowadays play with colors, fonts, photos to provide it a beautiful and catchy look. In this method you can give significant to both parts of the website.

#7: Photography With Graphics

These days the web designers want animations, illustrations as well as dynamic graphics over videos, as video can hold up your website. You are able to design motion graphics or custom animation for your website.

The right use of illustrations can help your brand be obvious from the competitors. Since you be acquainted with that users can effortlessly absorb visual content like animations, GIFs as well as motion graphics.

#8: Simplicity

Simplicity in web design means elimination of all pointless elements, clean layout, two or three color systems, negative space as well as uncluttered elements. Simplicity is the innovative way of web design.

Simplicity can have an effect on your design in some ways –

  • It perks up the overall layout as well as design by making the whole thing neat and orderly. This permits the users to effortlessly scan and navigate through the website.
  • Simple designs load quicker; this can as well improve customer approval and improve your website rankings on search engines.
  • It is more rapidly to design, manage and edit easy designs.

#9: Asymmetric Layout

Lot of designers uses grid patterns to add in elements on the exact parts of the layout. However some designers are following an innovative trend of using broken grid method by placing the elements in random way. Therefore, if you are looking to build your website more creative then use this kind of design.

However before designing ensure you design a blueprint of the layout as well as positions of the elements. The best amalgamation will be an active background and asymmetric content in bold typography.

#10: Voice User Interface

Voice user interface allows the user to cooperate with the website using voice dominations, this technology will obliging for people with physical disabilities. This is a extremely new trend, but we are sure in only some years voice interface will be on all business website.

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