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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Trends for You to Try 2021

Technology opens up new opportunities for brands day by day where mobile marketing plays an important role. The industry was one only a small segment of the entire digital marketing structure. Nowadays, it is among its biggest divisions.

As per Research, up to 70 % of web traffic happens on a mobile device. As time passes by, the techniques used by mobile marketers only develop

Now, you’re most likely thinking about how to improve your Mobile Marketing Trends for 2021.

While there are several big changes waiting to happen in the mobile marketing globe, let’s also not lose sight of what channels will keep on to dominate the mobile marketing space in 2021.

#1: Voice Search

Voice apps have demonstrated to be decent search engines on their own. While the technology endured at the start of its life cycle – poor voice recognition, sound process and inability to comprehend requests or commands – it is no rapidly growing, having reached a new level where it can effectively process requests regardless of speech quality and different factors.

Voice search app like Siri, Google Now, Cortana or Alexa will increase more popularity moving forward thanks to their basically and added the expediency of search and request abilities through voice input.

#2: Chat Bots

People spend much time using text messaging app like Facebook’s Messenger & WhatsApp. Thusly, marketers should be looking to take advantage of on this opportunity by bringing their services into messaging platforms. Chatbots are AI bots programmed to cooperate with customers and give more information on specific things.

They can give quick answers, resolve complaints, offer additional content or help with registration processes & requests. In other words, chatbots can get the pressure off your customer service by handling a tremendous amount of customer requests simultaneously.

Most websites and businesses already have their own variants of chatbots utilized. Sequentially not to fall behind before this trend completely takes off, you should work towards executing a chatbot for your own company/business.

#3: Video

As marketers have discovered rapidly, audiovisual content attracts people like nothing else has been able to previously. The reasons are straightforward – it is additional engaging, entertaining & much easier to consume.

A two-minute video is more desirable to watch for people than reading a wall of a text containing similar content. To put into perspective how significant video has become in marketing, here are a few statistics.

  • 83% of corporations have seen increments in conversion rate because of video content.
  • 96 % of purchaser’s claim that video content helps them comprehend the product better in terms of details.
  • 87% of companies use video marketing
  • 70% of users share their preferred brand’s videos on the Internet.
  • Consumers are 46% more possible to take action after viewing a video.
  • Boost organic website traffic by 157%.
  • Email CTR (Click-Through-Rate) increase 90% with video.

Video Content constantly shows how important it is for marketers with how positive the result it yields are and how effectively it can attract customers. Obviously, it is here to stay for a long time.

#4: Social Media

Social Media has been a staple of marketing for a decade, with networks like Facebook & Instagram becoming two of the most celebrated websites on the Internet. The majority of their user base access Social Media through mobile app (with around 3 billion monthly users among Facebook & Instagram only).

Also, since social media websites presently have their own advertising platforms, it makes them the perfect channel for mobile marketing. Colossal/steady introduction and worldwide outreach is what you

Can expect with social networks. Social media marketing is one of the trends that will keep on extending the year to year in the foreseeable future.

social media marketing platforms

#5: In-App Marketing

Mobile App utilization is at an all-time high which means mobile in app marketing will keep up its relevancy going into 2020. In-App Marketing is a ideal solution for cross-promotional activities, retaining user base and increasing user commitment with the app. Moreover, In-App Marketing allows for the assortment of customer feedback which is a fundamental component of a good marketing strategy.

app marketing optimization

#6: AI Technology

The use and significance of artificial intelligence in marketing – particularly when it comes to mobile marketing – cannot be understated one bit.

AI Technology will continue to improve in 2020 & will be significantly more broadly utilized across the world by marketers. It presents unique advantages that were generally unavailable in the past.

From tracking the whole marketing funnel to collecting data on customer conduct & tendencies, it is an ideal feedback tool to be investing in right now. What we have portrayed here is a generalization of what AI technology can do but you can get the gist of it.

#7: 5G Takes Center Stage

5G will enable speedier internet & load times – two promising resources for the development of mobile marketing. Actually, this new internet connectivity speed guarantees be 400 time faster than 4G. The blast of 5G will lead brands to create richer extravagant experiences – from more ephemeral content to lengthier video content.

On top of that, 5G is predictable to better power enlarged reality (AR) experiences – an advanced feature that several modern marketers are adding to their toolboxes. 5G technology will also result in advanced quality creative assets in mobile experiences and applications.

#8: Gamification

People are competitive by nature and are mysteriously drawn to anything that awards them. Mobile ads that lure consumers by offering points or badges are probably to be more thriving than traditional advertisements. 2021 will see more marketers looking for ways to “gamify” their marketing strategy.

#9: Mobile Payment

Introducing digital wallets like Google Pay or Apple Pay has set new tendency for numerous technological giants. Also, not just that – they have become very popular among consumers.

Research shows that by the finish of 2020, over 50% of consumers will use mobile devices for purchases in stores. This will result in the greater popularity of mobile wallet apps than classic credit or debit cards. Thus, to stay in touch with current trends, businesses should have POS devices with NFC technology that permit paying with mobile wallet apps.

Mobile payments bring advantages to both, customers & businesses. It’s a lot quicker than taking a card out of the wallet. Thusly, more payments can be made in less time. When we talk about customers, less time means greater customer happiness. This will most likely lead to better customer service &

increased reliability.

#10: Mobile Ads

Mobile Pay-Per-Clicks ads can assist you connect with the millions of smart phone users who are searching on their phones for businesses – particularly local ones. Beyond mobile video ads (which should be no more than: 10 – 20 seconds) are growing in fame.

There’s growing interest in Google shopping advertisements which are Pay-Per-Click ads that allows you to appear in Google search results even if your target is blocking ads. Facebook ads, are currently mobile friendly, and can help you increase engagement of your Facebook page through mobile use. With over two-thirds of Facebook traffic being mobile, there is far more accessible inventory to optimize.

There are other mobile advertisements options to consider, similar to banner ads, retargeting ads, and display ads within app content or on mobile website. The key is: go mobile with your ads, since that’s where your audience is.

If you really care about reaching your target audience, don’t ignore mobile. Instead, Select one or more of these up-and-coming Mobile Marketing Trends 2021 and see how they influence your bottom line. You may just find mobile to be the next marketing increase for your business.

Instead, many are looking to work with experts in the field that can assist them grow their mobile marketing & m-commerce platforms to influence future achievement.

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