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Top 10 SEO Points For Website Designing

In the internet world, the website becomes an undeniable tool for reaching potential customers and creating brand recognition worldwide. Almost we are all aware of the importance and benefits of having a website now. Bear in mind that having an attractive design for a website is not enough to achieve our business objectives. It should be SEO friendly to get higher rank in the search engine result and obtain more revenue in the long run.

Just like design choices affect the site both positively and negatively, SEO optimization is highly affecting the site performance. This is why are in need to create an SEO Friendly Web Design. We all know that SEO is such a hot topic in the online world because it has loads of things to offer.  Whenever it comes to designing a site, some SEO techniques should be included to make the site better and competitive.

Do you not know which SEO points and techniques should do when developing the website? Do not worry! Here, we have mentioned the top 10 SEO points for the website designing, which maximize your chances of having a better result.

Top 10 SEO techniques all websites should use

  1. Title Tag

Among several Meta tags in the website source code, title, keyword tags, and description standard ones. Technically, the title tag is not a Meta tag but it plays such a great role in indexing your website than others. Remember that search engine always looks at the page title firstly to determine what the particular page is about. Likewise, the first thing potential audience sees at their search engine listing is the title tag. Therefore, it is vital to include either one or two keywords in the title tag but ensure that do not go overboard.

  1. Meta tags

In terms of SEO, two primary meta tags are highly important – keyword tag and description tag. Description tag is one of the vital tags as it is listed in your search result. Additionally, it is what the audience actually ready when your site link comes up and makes them decide whether or not to enter the page. Ensure you have includes a few relevant keywords in this tag but do not overdo. Remember that the description tag should be like a sentence, not a keyword list.

  1. Includes title attribute on links

Another important step Website designing company follows when developing a creative and Seo friendly website design is including title attribute on the links. The little tooltip pops up whenever you place your mouse over the site link is highly significant for image links yet useful for text links as well. Do not forget to access descriptive text for your site links for a better search result.

  1. Heading tags

When writing out your website copy, heading tag is an extremely important aspect. Use of this tag assists users, search engines, and web browsers to find where the important key points of your copy are. Use <h1> tag in the main page tile to know about the page and then access additional tags like <h2>, <h3>, etc to break down copy properly. Heading tags render priority to content and assist index your website.

  1. XML sitemap

Usually, this list of all posts, pages, and others of your website, which incorporates information such as the date the page modified last, and priority number to the most important pages of your website. All these elements assist the search engine find as well as the link to all the content of your website properly.

  1. ALT attribute on pictures

When building SEO Friendly Web Design, you should include alt attribute on your images because it is helpful in two ways. Regarding SEO, putting descriptive alt attribute with your picture and places relevant text additionally to source code improves your site indexing so that it gets a better chance to achieve a higher ranking. Next, it assists visually impaired person who access sites with the help of screen reader.

  1. Put relevant content

One of the most viable SEO aspects of the website is having relevant content to your site topic or main page. Put all the keywords you wish in the meta tags and then alt image tags. Ensure the site has relevant content or else it will become a failed attempt. If possible, includes many keywords in your page copy to make it sense and readable. As mentioned prior, keyword stuffed content does not many any sense from the reader perspective. Create natural yet informative content and put it in site to attract more audience.

  1. Take benefit of social media

Even though social media is not SEO technically, it is such a growing and demanding factor in getting your site noticed by the potential audience. Currently, people access loads of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Use them to build a great relationship with the audience, develop your own networks, and put quality content to increase site traffic. When more people share, posts, and like your page, your brand will get huge recognition quickly.

  1. Link building

Every site owner dream is to have a higher rank in the Google search page. The algorithm used to determine page rank comprises several elements and it is changing constantly. Therefore, link building is highly helpful for your business. It is nothing but one item pointing number of links to your site. Plenty of reputable and niche directories are available where you can submit your site to get organic links. When you link out to other website or finding sites linking back to you help you to rank higher.

  1. Don’ts of SEO

So far, we have mentioned a list of SEO Dos when building a website. Likewise, it has some don’ts to avoid hassles such as splash pages and flash websites. Of course, a flash website is looking amazing but search engines do not get well with flash. In fact, most parts of the search engine cannot able to read flash. On the other hand, splash pages are no longer being a vital feature of any site because it annoys visitors.

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