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Top 10 SEO Strategy for Ecommerce Website Step By Step 2021

Search Engine Optimization or officially known as SEO is the process to improve the quality of the Web Pages as well as expanding the organic web traffic and giving your brand exposure via organic search results.

This means the practice of optimizing web pages and effectively discovering your content upon searching for relevant keywords on your website. SEO has been demonstrated to be the only online marketing method that offers benefits for the lasting.

People who optimize the website so that it ranks at the top of different search engines to redirect more web traffic to your website are Search Engine Optimizers.

SEO Strategy for New Ecommerce Website 2021 is the utilization of the best SEO practices to improve the presence or position of the ecommerce website at digital platforms or search engine.

Ecommerce SEO optimizes your site with ever-changing Google algorithms to make your site easy to use and boost its sales, revenue, and SEO ranking. It is a good decision taken by ecommerce business entrepreneurs to improve their website’s visibility on the search engines.

Around 80% of customers who decide to make purchases online ensure you have positive visibility before moving ahead with their purchase.

If you are looking to increase your e-commerce business, you must go through these effective SEO tips:

10 Effective Steps to Improve Ecommerce Website SEO In 2021

#1: Keyword Research

Keyword research is the practice of finding & analyzing search terms that are enter by internet consumer into search engines for either SEO or marketing cause.


This where you can use the research keyword:

  • In The Page Title – Your page title is the beginning point where Google decides that your site is pertinent or not with the search query entered by users.
  • In The Meta Description – Your main keywords should be in the first 160 characters of your published content giving a short idea about your content that is below the clickable link.
  • In The Subheadings – Your guests should have an idea about your content before they click on the link.
  • In The Overall Content – Cover the content in the first few sentences or the first paragraph. After this, make the maximum use of that keyword & the variations it provides.
  • In the URLs – The address of your web page will give Google a clue about the content on your web page.

When you research keywords for their popularity or search volume, you can get a thought about the interest and needs of people using the internet, which additionally includes your targeted audience.

Moreover, you can utilize these topics easily to decide which keywords to use for creating appropriate content for a top ranking on search engines.

Here are some SEO tools that are suggested by experts for finding the correct keywords:

  • SEMRush
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest

#2: Focus on On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO has constantly been the major factor for any website to rank on the search engine result pages. When we talk about On-Page SEO Strategies for Ecommerce Website, it significantly concerns with the process of optimizing the product and category pages to rank higher for the particular keywords and get important traffic and conversion rates.

Nevertheless, the techniques for On-Page SEO of an e-commerce site are someway similar to any other website however there are some additional approaches as we that you must keep into consideration.

Some of the main On-Page SEO techniques for an e-commerce site are listed below:

  • Use optimized meta title & descriptions
  • Use short and keyword rich URLs.
  • Mention product descriptions and include most important & LSI keyword.
  • Add Schema Markup.
  • Do Internal Linking, and so on.

Meanwhile, you can be genuine, important and high-quality images or other info graphics to get better results. Furthermore, while doing the On-Page SEO for your commerce site, do not only consider about the ranking on the search engine but you must concern with the user experience and a good user experience will keep your audience recurring on your website.

#3: Start Creating More Content

Creating Content is significant even if your website is an e-commerce store. Numerous studies show that a great way to boost visibility and generating web traffic is optimized publishing content.

#4: Optimize Your Category Pages

Besides the homepage of your website, a factor that can bring in the majority of your web traffic is the category page on e-commerce sites. This is because most users search for nonspecific categories. To be explicit, a visitor tends to search for a keyword instead of searching for a particular product.

You can abide by these few tips of SEO for Ecommerce Category Pages:

  • You could utilize the keyword research on category titles
  • You could optimize your meta description with innovative and content that is engaging to the visitors
  • You can include an H1 tag to each of your category pages
  • You could write down a short description of your category page under the H1 tag
  • You could include internal links in the description & absorb pictures of your products through the whole category page

#5: Use Internal Link

Once you start to see visitors flowing into your store from online search, consider linking pages with advanced organic traffic to pages you’re still trying to rank for. This website structure drives link equity and relevant significance to newer pages, improving their capacity to rank.

Generally content can become your best friend in ecommerce, therefore treat it is as such. Even when developing the top quality content be sure to follow best practices for onsite SEO.

#6: Focus More on Mobile SEO

Study shows there were 5.15 billion mobile phone users in the year 2020. With these many mobile users in one single year, it was time Google use made web performance on smart devices a crucial metric while determining the ranking of a website’s search result.

When you focus on mobile optimization, you ensure that the users that are active from their smart devices have a good time on your website. User-friendly mobile optimization will bring an increase on SERPs for your e-commerce store.

When you are an e-commerce merchant, you should pay attention to these aspects below:

  • Mobile interface of your e-commerce store
  • Loading time and the speed of the page on smart devices
  • The straightforward checkout process on mobile phones

#7: Maximize Your Website Speed

Google has marked site speed as one of the criteria to get a high rank by estimating the loading time of a page. Even if this did not matter much, your website speed chooses how the user experience will be. Any page with a longer loading time will have a higher bounce rate and negligible time on the page. The following are two tools that can assist you check your website speed & figure out what could be the problem:

#8: Eliminate the Broken Links

Anytime a visitor follows a link to your website, they come with a hope to see a specific sort of content on your page; broken links ruin this experience for your visitors. Not only this, but broken links can likewise affect your SEO & your website’s relationship with search engines.

What you can do to avoid broken links?

  • More willingly than deleting your content, try updating it
  • Forward your guests to a fresh page with the help of 301 redirects

#9: Use Video Marketing

Video Marketing has grabbed a lot of attention in the previous two years. Take a good look at HubSport, you will be able to comprehend more about the present state of marketing with the assistance of videos. Well, it is not a big surprise why video marketing is famed.

One of the fundamental reasons why every website needs to engage in video marketing is because it works, and is easier to understand. Online users, who have little time for anything, think it as a smart approach. To kick start with video marketing, you require the following:

  • A strategic plan
  • Always start with what you are aware of
  • Create! Don’t stick to planning, and disregard about creation
  • Search as much as probable. Look for real content
  • Make a strong network with influencers
  • Exploit advertisement. Make use of its supreme potential

#10: Add Sitemap.xml to Search Console

Even though numerous popular ecommerce platforms automatically generate your sitemap.xml it’s still significant to add your sitemap.xml to Google Search Console. Why do you need to do this? You sitemap.xml is a list of all the vital pages of your ecommerce site marketing certain Google can find and crawl them all.

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