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Top 10 Web Designing Ideas For Mini Project

When you start your mini project, the first thing that should come to your mind is to have an effective online presence in terms of a well-built website. It can be a tax process if you do not have prior experience with websites. As a start-up, you may not have enough financial bandwidth to hire an agency or a professional. Therefore, alternately you can think about using the best website builder for mini project.

The best Mini Project Ideas website designer provides a broad range of pre-built templates and tools to create the project virtual location for your products & services. However, you may be wondering it if is possible to accomplish the brand identity you have in mind using only templates. Fortunately, these models were skilled by professional web designers as well as come with complete customisation settings. With so much power in your hands, it’s almost like hiring a Web Design Agency, but with lower cost and more freedom to create your dream website. This can help your save a lot of money which can be channelised towards marketing efforts.

Moreover, there are so many tools available so choosing one of the best mini project website – a builder can be cumbersome. So, here are some useful Web Design Ideas, which will be very helpful and fruitful.

Basic Website Designing Ideas for Mini Project Should Know

#1: Powerful Domain Name

A domain name is the web address of your website and is the first reference point. It is very important that it leaves something that lasts a long time and is easy to recognise and remember. You can consider the following:

  • Easy to spell and recall
  • Short and Crisp
  • No numbers and hyphens
  • Should make sense with your business
  • SEO-friendly

Most people go the easy way and use their business name as a web address. You can do this providing you make sure the name you choose is not common one. Alternatively, come up with a new domain name that is visible enough to be tied to your niche, however unique enough that it can stand on its own. Remember that a domain is a branding opportunity in and of itself, so yours should be strong enough to be the basis of your brand identity.

#2: Website Hosting

Website hosting firms are the ones which provide the technical as well as services support for a website for it to be viewed on the internet. You will need to link your domain name to a hosting provider, who will assign server space to keep the contents of your website. Here are some tips to help you decide if are hosting a provider.

  • Try to pick a devoted serve over a shared server
  • Select a VPN plan
  • Make sure your hosting provider has an active phone or chat support
  • Get an easy cPanel serve interface
  • You should have the best serve security in place.

Having a good web host is sufficient to let you run your online business with peace of mind, however if you want to reduce the risks, consider creating your own off-site backup. Doing this can save you lots of headache & stress in case of a digital disaster. Even a short interruption of online services can have a big impact on your business; therefore it pays to have a dependable backup at the ready.

#3: Proper Website Description

This is one of the most important areas which have to be worked out with care. As part of the branding checklist for mini project, your website description can help build your brand identity as well as strengthen your online authority. You have to convey you brand story, history, valves, ethos, and products to your audience in the most appealing way. Careful through has to go after design of the hero’s image or all other visual representations of your products & services. The “About Us” page should be clear and easily visible.

#4: Robust Content Management

The visual appeal of your web design depends on the layout of your content; therefore you should have a good content management system (CMS). Sound CMS features a special web application that helps in both creation & management of digital content. It allows you add, edit, or delete pages to your website without the help of a professional programming. It is simple as well as user-friendly enough even for the average computer user. Some of the most widely used CMS are:

  • WordPress: It is one of the most well-liked and widely used CMS platforms. It is provided with many useful plugins and an active support community. Its installation is free and is very easy to use. The only drawback is the security problem which is why it becomes an easy target for hackers.
  • Drupal: Another popular CMS tool is Drupal but is relatively more secure than WordPress even though it lacks in themes and plugins.
  • Joomla: It is innovative technology with better security features, SEO and more multilingual capabilities.
  • Wix: It is a drag-and-drop builder and come up with a monthly subscription plan. It offers a wide range of templates to choose from and requires no knowledge of coding.

When choosing the correct CMS for you, consider the features and scope of functionality of your options. To help you make a decision, you can look at how CMS is being used by websites that you like or that are in the same niche as yours.

#5: e-Commerce Right Plat from

It is very important that the eCommerce platform you have chosen should be in sync with your business model. Top eCommerce development companies use a wide range of platforms available such as Shopify, Woo Commerce which is not only popular but also user-friendly. It comes with numerous themes which are free and paid both. Similarly, Magento also provides a cloud-based eCommerce tool that allows ease of use and is hosted by a Magento serve.

There is a lot to be done to get your website in place & in business. It requires lots of patience, consideration, clarity of vision and business. These tools work best when taken one at a time in a step wise manner.

#6: Create a Clean Design

Your website says many about you or your brand. From the user interface to graphic design, crappy website also means one thing: a crappy products or services!

First of all, make sure you provide the right-looking logo on your website that is visible from all angles. The following is to make sure that the entire website design is clean. The use of white space is highly adapted nowadays. White space or negative space can relax the eyes, especially when your browse through a lot of information. Ensure you comprise negative space to make your website eye candy rather than an eyesore to look at. Of course, that does not mean that it is acceptable to chunk information together. Avoid clutter to make it accessible and digestible.

#7: Make It Navigable

Your main goal should be a seamless browsing experience for your users. That means; make your website easier to navigate. Take all of the basic web design elements such as the headers on top, scroll bars on the sides, or a logo that leads to the homepage.

There is no need to renew the wheel. Limit your menu items to no above 10. If not, your customers will have a hard time looking for what they want. Better yet, apply the three-click rule. This means, your users will already find what they want with three clicks.

Another web designs tip to think is the F-shaped pattern. Although getting a bad rap, the F-shaped web pattern is still relevant to this day. This is where users scan the site horizontally first, then descend and scan horizontally again in a shorter fashion.

This pattern gives visibility to menu items on the top of your site; therefore ensure the most important information is there.

#8: Integrate Interactivity

Users may want to stay on your site if it is engaging and it is another way to do so through interactivity. Instead of annoying overlays & popups, try to incorporate interactive features like these:

  • Feedback And Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Social Media Channels
  • Quizzes
  • Freebies Or Rewards
  • Regular Updates
  • Gifs

#9: Invest In High-Quality Graphics

The attention span of online users decreases year by year. You have eight seconds to capture your user’s attention and one way to do that is by using high-quality visuals.

People are constantly paying attention to visually appealing images or videos. That means, make sure to have at least one on your site. In design, there is little more.

Keep the graphic design simple, fresh, as well as original. It is essential, hire graphic design experts. Paying for their services will get your website good down the road.

#10: Ensure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

In today’s digital era, everyone is browsing on their mobile phones most of the time. In fact, more people make their buying from their epic gadgets than on a laptop or desktop.

That said, make your website mobile responsive or you lose a lot of retrieval opportunities. There are free online tools for checking your site’s mobile friendliness. One is Google Search Console.

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