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Top digital marketing trends in 2020

Professionals are very circumspect in their work but doing business is all about taking risks and playing it out like a pro. Marketplace is sure surrounded by a lot of adversaries. Who said doing business is a job? No absolutely no, it’s an art, it’s a game. Just like any other game it requires skills and moreover you need to outsmart your enemy with strategies. Those days are gone when traditional marketing was a buzz.  2020 is full of challenges, predictions and game changing technologies.

These technological advancements act as a tremendous marketing tool. So what strategies are you planning for your company?

Let’s have a look to the various most preferred digital marketing trends:

This era is all about digital, traditional methods are just outlandish and there are plenty of reasons why. Although digital marketing is no joke and ultimately serves a two way benefit for both customer and the businessman.

  • Artificial intelligence

This technology enhances the performance by concentrating on capturing huge audience. Maximizes online presence and is very easy to reach. Establishes basic communication and provides product recommendations. Provides the option of e-commerce transactions.

  • Lifestyle marketing

Its primary focus is to grow awareness among people and to know the customers according to their demand for now and not for later.

  • Chatbots

They are efficient and cut most of the employee hiring cost because they can work effortlessly 24/7. Gets 64% instant responses and can guide the customers for whatever their queries are. Immediate contact creation takes place.

  • Programmatic advertising

Constitutes web development firm and ensures that no duplicate content is created. Uncovers vital information and is mission critical with technical output.

  • Personalization

Polished and personalized emails which attracts customer’s attention and ultimately providing profits.

  • CDP or customer data platform

It is the best platform and most required one entity as it specializes in recognizing the patterns and behavior of customers thus providing better results. It is the only way  to map , store, analyze and act on the complete end to end customer journey and having all the data in one place.

  • According to a survey digital marketing requires some skills:
    • Data analysis-41%
    • Marketing automation/software expertise-38%
    • User experience design-36%
    • Video production and editing-31%
    • Coding/development-29%
    • Content editing/writing-29%
    • Graphic design-28%
    • Social media listening and publishing-26%
    • SEO/SEM expertise-6%
    • Paid media/programmatic advertising-6%
    • Alternative and niche social media channels
  • Video marketing is highly influential and engaging. A large no. of audience can be influenced. With all these social media platforms and celebrities a live streaming video is a good way of interaction depicting the details of the product. Moreover it benefits the customer by improving the decision taking task. Video marketing is believed to improve the conversion rates.

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