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What are trending website designs 2020?


In 2020, internet technology is growing continuously. Also, you can notice the successful introduction of AMP, VR, AR, AI and much more this year. These kinds of new technologies let folks notice and also feel lots of changes in trending web designs.

  • In a few years before, the trending designs are pushed completely towards rampant creativity.
  • It includes traditional stock images and abandoning grids for better color schemes, asymmetrical layouts, and vibrant illustrations.
  • Recently, technological developments make websites smarter with subtle interactions and machine learning.
  • These shifting paradigms drive lots of new design trends.
  • It is good news for everyone that the trending web designs 2019 will see two sides of a coin that includes technology and aesthetics.

Why opt for the latest design trends?

  • When you decide to create a website for your business 2019, you should analyze your target market.
  • It is significant to note that there are roughly about 1.5 billion online portals working online.
  • The increasing count of online sites creates an increased level of competition among internet businesses.
  • Even though constructing a new and affordable website is simple, you should ensure that the website is capable of attracting your targeted visitors.
  • It is important to outshine in the growing and dynamic market.
  • Developing a professional and efficient website is not a simple task for everyone.
  • When you employ a web design company, you should ensure that it knows about the latest web design trends that rule this present market.
  • Web design trends are evolving constantly based on the preference and needs of internet users.
  • The expert website designers focus on the trends and utilize them in their website designing projects.
  • If you want to know about the new trending website designs, you can read this blog properly.

List of latest web design trends

Here are some trending web designs in 2019 as follow:

  1. Machine learning, AI and deep learning

  • Artificial intelligence has sub-field called machine learning.
  • It is used to train the computers for making predictions with the help of pre-determined algorithms.
  • This data-driven job makes the predictions according to previous data samples.

There are certain applications of machine learning are used in the web designing process that includes:

  • Adobe Sensei

 This application is used for creating customized applications and workflow.

  • Adobe Sensei identifies the related images, backgrounds and illustrations.
  • It not only automates repeated tasks but also increase the speed of the web designing process.
  • WiX ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence)

 This website builder is entirely based on artificial intelligence.

  • It collects the details from the social media platforms about the related contents.
  • It helps to make the website more beautiful.
  • Also, it helps to develop an impressive website design with machine learning algorithms
  • The grid:

 This AI-based building utilizes machine learning for formulating mobile responsive sites.

  • It also helps to avoid website development and develop the site at very minimal rates
  1. Chatbots
  • AI takes the web design to its top by simply making the process independent of support from a human.
  • With more intelligence and efficiency, chatbots are anticipated for ruling the websites in 2019.
  • It is good news for everyone that they are noticed in the customized website form.
  • They are available in extremely bright colors for adding better prominence to the online presence.
  1. Organic, natural shapes
  • Though the website pages are set up typically for the systematic grids, the designers are now turning towards the smooth lines and natural shapes.
  • The geometric structures like triangles, squares, and rectangles with their spiky corners do develop the stability sense, but the 2019 design trends are highly concerned with the feeling of both comfort and accessibility.
  • Organic shapes offer better depth to the web design because they are actually asymmetrical and imperfect.
  • They make the elements of a web page stand out.
  1. Curated visuals
  • It is a well-recognized reality that the powerful illustration not only communicates volumes but also appears more versatile when compared to a photography
  • When people debate the option of a picture, some people may favor the lifestyle photographs while others opt for product shorts
  • With unique features, illustrations appear as the happy medium
  • The curetted visuals are both authentic and unique
  • Aids in reducing the overall prominence of race and gender while illustrating individuals
  • They make the abstract concepts simpler to understand
  • These visuals can portray powerful emotions in a quick manner.
  • It avoids showcasing unrelated brands
  1. Micro-interactions
  • The user experience professionals agree that micro-interactions play a vital role in both usability and user engagement.
  • You can take your own time for understanding as well as fine-tuning the particular interactions that make the website fully feel alive
  • Micro-interactions are commonly used on clickable elements such as navigation and buttons.
  • It is highly advised to avoid over-designing these kinds of effects
  • The main intention of this process is to simply augment the overall experience of a user
  1. Authentic textures and tones
  • It is a well-known fact that consumers are highly interested in standing behind the authentic brands.
  • Most of the customers said that authenticity plays the most significant role in deciding which brands they support and like
  • The pervasiveness of authentic tones and textures in the web design process is surely increasing
  • Using this trend or trenching in this web designing process is simpler
  • It is highly advised to use the pictures of natural textures, colors and real-life happenings that you can find in your daily lives
  • You can take your own photographs
  • Make use of the flat lay technique for aiding visitors in seeing the things through the perspective
  1. SEO integration

seo integration

  • Designing a business website without SEO is a vague task in a fully contemporary market place.
  • The mere development of the site will never serve the purpose of offering new business opportunities to the enterprise.
  • Without any doubt, the business website can be considered as a powerful medium for spreading the important and major words regarding your business or company online.

The good thing about SEO is that it will aid in searching the business website with the help of organic searches on the leading search engines such as Google.

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