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What is Difference Between Web App and Mobile App

web app and mobile app

Can we say Native apps same as Mobile apps?

In Mobile apps refers to any application that can be used on mobile devices, while native apps are Smartphone application that are coded in specific programming language like android operating systems.

The fact that native apps are designed and developed for specific use on particular platforms results in fast performance and a high degree of reliability. Native apps can access Smartphone’s camera and others devices for increasing the functionality. Some native apps even enable users to use the app without an internet connection.

What is a Web App?

Web apps fully designed by functional and accessible on any devices that a user can choose to use. web apps operate equally well  in mobile or desktop browser that users can access them. Sometimes the differences between web apps and websites can cause a bit of confusion. To clarify, a web app is essentially a website that is designed in a fluid manner that is suitable for responding to being viewed on a Smartphone.


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