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What is Node.js?

If you find any tech solution company which able to increase your productivity and speed of your app or contact to software experts to create a new application, who provide highly reliable back end solutions with Node.js framework. As growing popularity of Node.js, many companies specialized in providing Node based development services. It uses in web and mobile applications, chat and dashboard solutions. Introduction – Node.js platform is server side runtime environment based JavaScript uses for back-end and front-end development. It allows to programmers to execute the code on server side and mainly used for create web applications in real time and app development, it is light scalable and fast to write scripts. You can able to use code with Node.js that has written in other languages as well. It allow better scalability, performance and optimized costs, the development team can save their time by using reusable and ready to run components of Node.js modules. What effects of Node.Js on your online Business? Easy to Code- It is easy to learn and also allow to code in JavaScript for both server and client side. It convenient for transfer data between client and the server simultaneously. Develop Real Time Web apps- It is used to create a real time web apps at light speed that require making simple websites in PHP, chat app and game app. Hosting- As web developers are moving towards Node.Js, the demand for web hosting is increasing as their projects need. Dynamic NPM-Node.Js provides cutting edge performance with shared dynamic tools and modules, Node package manager (NPM) have many modules increase with growth base platform. High end solutions for DB queries- The database query can easily salve with Node.Js development, some queries like MongoDB, NoSQL database, CouchDB works on JavaScript framework. Increase Productivity standard- JavaScript represents gap between front end and back-end developers because Node.Js programs are develop by using java-script and to solve this gap issue many companies are joining both front end and back end teams together into a unit. Proxy Server- Node.Js offers proxy server, which means server-side app that deals with 3rd party links and collect data from various sources, then it can work as a proxy for that organization. Benefits of Node.Js- Here some benefits are given below of using Node.js: It can handle asynchronous input – output from outside and it is fast JavaScript executions, behind it a loop which is responsible for executing the code and processing the events. It is form of JavaScripts, which can be used on both backed and front-end, it means there are no boundaries between front end and back-end development. In addition, it is compatible with open source platform which produced many modules and packages to manage persistent connections between client and server and enabling server to push real time updates to clients. Node.Js is best for micro services which are perfect solutions among business applications. In node.js development, code written in one language and it can run on multiple platforms. It is easy to modify with respect to feature enhancements, stability and functionality of system while traffic is growing.

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