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What is the difference between Static Website and Dynamic Website?

What is the difference between Static Website and Dynamic Website?

What is the difference between Static Website and Dynamic Website?

Website is mandatory

We know that the present age is the age of the internet. And every business needs to have an online presence. How? It is a question for them who don’t know about a website. It is an actual face of your business especially when you are doing online. So, it is very necessary to keep your customers updated and informed regarding your products and services regularly. Choice of the type depends on the type of business you run. The below discussion will help you to know the best type of website you have to choose according to your business. Many people who are experts of the web field don't know the difference between a static website and a dynamic website, so, before comparing the benefits of both of these, we have to know the exact meaning of these websites. It is not a big deal to say that unless you are a professional in the web development field, the comparison may not be obvious. A static website is the easiest form of any web place that is made using HTML or other technologies. There is no doubt that these are very quick and don't need a big cost to produce. Static websites are also very easy to host and one it's gone live, you can't amend it without the assistance of an experienced web development expert.

What is a static website?

It is similar to any magazine or newspaper which can’t be amended once it is printed. It is very common that a static website may have various limitations; they are very useful for smaller businesses because of low cost, less time. Maintenance cost can be higher but not always. Also, if you are not a professional and dependent of the web designer to maintain it, then you must wait until they get time to do the changes, which can be responsible for various losses. If you have a static website, then web pages present on the server cannot be changed without the help of template-based editors, text editors, and developers. A static website always has the simplest design modules and not allows clients to update it easily and from time to time. Such websites are not designed to update very frequently. The main look and feels of such websites look like a brochure-like in nature in order to give some information about services and products to clients. These websites are costly to update but cheaper to produce.

What is a Dynamic website?

Dynamic websites are very suitable for big projects such as websites provide a greater amount of flexibility than a static one. All types of updates are easy to do such as the content can be entered and amended by an administrative interface. You can easily access these interfaces from anywhere even from your PC. It allows the users to do interaction with the website. A dynamic website is the best suitable method for e-commerce clients because every time you can easily give and update the information regarding the new launch, service guarantee, and others. If you are thinking to have an online presence with and regular update then you should always go for a dynamic website.

Make your choice which website to choose for

Similar to anything there are pros and cons to know before deciding on the type of website you like to go for. As compared to a dynamic website, a static website is less costly and also takes very less time to produce. Hosting a dynamic website is more expensive. Over time, however, dynamic websites can be updated easily and frequently and cheaper to run, so you can easily maintain and keep the data appealing and fresh. So, these websites are very important for a business that needs regular updates on the frequent basis.

The Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites

Let’s elaborate this difference with the help of the pros and cons of both of these types:  

Pros of Static Website:

  • Simple to use.
  • Needs very less cost.
  • Needs very less time to produce.
  • The perfect solution for a small business or an individual who wants to make an online presence.
  • Many tools such as FrontPage and Dream Weaver are available to develop such websites.
  • It is easier to maintain and make it error free.
  • Hosting the site is relatively inexpensive too.

Cons of Static Website:

  • It needs experts to help to manage and update anything, so it doesn't allow you to do update regularly and frequently.
  • Content management is not easy and you can't do it without the help of a professional web developer.
  • If you are running an ever-changing business then such websites are not the best match for you.

Pros of Dynamic Website:

  • It is very beneficial to have a dynamic website. When you are a big firm like an e-commerce company, then you need to have an easy to update and every-changing website environment that is only possible with the help of a dynamic website.
  • With an effective content management tool content update, product update and other types of updates can be easily done and doesn't need any expert help to do that.
  • It allows you to share the latest information regarding your products and services to the customers.
  • It increases the user's engagement and communication.
  • Various kinds of featured services are accessed as your users can interact with the website using search criteria and various options. For example, your online bank account web page.
  • It is fun for the surfer and very interactive.

Cons of Dynamic Website:

  • It is costly to set up and create than a static website.
  • It needs a lot of time to set up.
  • Not suitable for all business types due to time and cost included in it.
  • It is difficult to develop and maintain.
  • It can be prone to error.

Which is the best?

The choice is yours and the type of website depends on your needs. If you need a quick responsive web presence than dynamic type is the best for you otherwise go for a simple static website.


Make your decision by checking out the above pros and cons of a static and dynamic website. Always check your requirements and get the proper knowledge before starting any development work. Hopefully, this comparison will help you to choose the type of a website that is the best suitable for your business and profits.

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