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What Is Voice Search?

Voice search is voice recognition technology that allows performing searches by speaking into device. These devices range from smart phones and computers to home assistant devices, which we’ll discuss in-depth later. Google voice search queries have gone up exponentially over the years, so it’s crucial to understand these developments and incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy.

Need for Voice search optimization: Google Voice Search has been growing in popularity over the last few years, it is one-fifth of all Google queries were voice searches in 2016. The growing searches of digital assistants, as well as mobile searches, by this mean voice searches are now beginning. The features about the digital assistant are easy to see and some expert is predicting that 50% searches by 2020.

What is Future scope of Voice Search Marketing: The fact is 20% of searches in Google app are done by voice now time, we can say that voice search is on the rise in marketing world and not stop anytime.  Major component of voice search is its ability to learn your habits—the way you speak and what you tend to search.

As noted a few times already, your mobile footprint is crucial to keep your business competitive. No matter how well-designed it may be, your website will not get you the results you want if it suffers from slow load times; website speed is a more important piece of the SEO.

Three reasons for voice search popularity:

It's fast. A person use 100-130 words per minute when using voice search, as compared to 35-40 words when typing. Google confirms that 70% of voice search queries consist of natural language, a user speaks to digital assistants the same way that he would ask a friend.

It's perfect for mobile. Around 50-60%of searchers use mobile voice search at least some of the time, as it's more comfortable to ask quickly and get a fast answer than type a query at a small display.

Voice search changes how people look for information, where they look for it and how they get results. So, if you want your website to stay afloat and appear at the top of SERP, it's high time to optimize content accordingly.

voice search popularity

As for the website content, it needs to give direct answers to people's questions to appear via voice search. For that, do the following:

Optimize your keyword research

Voice searches are longer than text-based ones because of their natural language, users don't concentrate on 2-3 specific words to write a query but just "talk" to a voice assistant the way they speak.

SEO specialists know such keywords as voice-friendly when using a voice search, a person is more likely to add these words to the question. Consider them when writing headlines and creating interactive content for your website.

Write content with voice search in mind

With natural language prevailing in voice search questions, you need to write answers accordingly. Although people may use long sentences to formulate their queries, they expect to find short and concise answers in your content. Simple words, short sentences, and active verbs inviting a reader to act are your best helpers here.

Optimize texts for "near me" keywords When searching for information via voice assistant, people behave as if they’re talking to a human. If you run a local business, as it's a phrase many people use when searching via voice.

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