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Why Are the Google Delete Reviews These Days


  1. Google has the ability to remove reviews for reasons, as well as spam behaviour, several reviews made at the same location&conflicts of interest.
  2. Once a review is gone, you will have better luck scoring new reviews rather than trying to get it back
  3. To get more online reviews, use methods like post-purchase email drip or mentioning it on your website.

So, you are about to update your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) when you notice something strange – you have reviews missing. Even worse, these reviews all came from fulfilled customers.

We can assume what came next was a frustrated, “What the heck?”

We know how frustrating it is to have your Google reviews removed without warning, especially when, they are positive. You have worked so hard to earn them, and they're still nowhere to be found.

Do not worry. You are not the only one. There were hundreds of other businesses. Like you, they turned to Google and typed “Why Are Google Delete Reviews These Days?” to get answers

Whereas the most common reason is that Google’s spam detection algorithm has flagged certain reviews, which inevitably led the search engine to remove them, there could be numerous factors at play.

And, now that you are here, you can get a better understanding of all that could have had an impact. Nonetheless, before we can get into the whys of Google erasing your reviews, let’s talk about the importance of online reviews first.

Why Do Online Reviews Matter?

Businesses such as yours can benefit importantly from gaining customer reviews and displaying them on your website, social channels, and obviously, their-party review sites.

  • Reviews Provide Social Proof
  • Reviews Build Trust and Credibility
  • Reviews Help Improve Customer Service
  • Reviews Boost Online Visibility
  • Reviews Foster Customer Loyalty

So, Why Did Google Delete Your Reviews?

With these unbelievable benefits, online reviews bring to your business, it is easy to get annoyed after learning that Google had them removed.

Again, there’s a huge chance that such reviews are going against specific guidelines, considering that these guidelines were created to prevent unsuitable content.

And so, to end the mystery once and for all, we have listed down all the possible reasons why Google obviously deletes some reviews from your customers.

#1: It’s Spam

It goes without saying that reviews should reflect a real-life experience from real customers. They should be 100 percent unique and should not be found on other platforms. If not, Google will flag them for removal.

Any review that has a phone number or URL is usually tagged as spam, therefore it is best to ask your customers not to include them when they are writing a review.

#2: It Contains Offensive Material

Reviews that have unsuitable content, profanity, or offensive language are instantly removed. The same goes for reviews that are deemed derogatory or dangerous, for example, those that harass or intimidate others.

#3: Several Attempts Were Made to Post the Same Review

If Google deletes a review and the customer attempts to add a similar review the second time around, it will only meet the same fate again.

#4: Your Online Presence Is Spotty

Google knows all – at least it seems that way these days. Actually, Google will note of your location isn’t verified. That is why the set-up stage is so important!

Moreover, getting reviews on other sites can improve your online authority & let Google know that you are legit! It all comes full circle, playing a role in keeping your reviews complete.

#5: There’s A Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest is one more reason that could explain the disappearance of your reviews. There are reviews that were left by anybody in your company, even if they did purchase your products or services.

#6: The Customer Submitted a Review from Inside Your Store

Google has become so smart that it now can detect a user’s IP address. When it knows that someone has left a review from inside your store, it will more than possibly remove it. This is especially true if numerous customers are leaving reviews from the same IP.

#7: The Customer Submitted the Review from A Location Far, Far Away

As with a review that was written from your store, any review that was posted somewhere very far is certain for removed.

If you ensue to ship products or serve clients in different parts of the country or world, make certain to let Google know of those places so it won’t flag reviews coming from them.

#8: There Was a Huge Influx of Reviews Overnight

Imagine if you come across a business that has had 0 reviews in almost a year and it suddenly receives 30 reviews in just one night. Sounds impossible, correct? Google would say so, therefore removing such reviews.

#9: Google Glitched

Just because Google’s the largest Search Engine in the world does not mean that it doesn’t experience any issues any longer. There are examples where it would face bugs & glitches, causing reviews to go bye-bye all of a sudden.

#10: Your Google Business Profile Was Suspended

If, for any reason, your Google Business Profile was suspended and then reinstated, expect some of your reviews to disappear. Luckily, you can get them back by submitting a support ticket for assistance.

#11: The Reviewer Has a Blank Google Account

Fake profiles do not typically display names, images, or other details. And therefore, if your business gets loads of reviews from empty accounts, Google will suspect that either they originate from bots, you paid for them, or you were frantic enough to create them.

#12: Your Locations Aren’t Open

If you have been proactive with your marketing foremost up to the opening of a new location, you can set an opening date through Google. But, if you start getting reviews prior to opening, Google will most possibly remove them. How can someone have an experience at your location if the location isn’t up & running yet?

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