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You Need Just 30 Minutes to Improve and Speedup Your Website

Before getting into stuff like how you Can speed up and recover your website’s speed in just 30 minutes, let’s get understand why it is so important? People always think that having a good website is enough for the marketing of their brands but have you ever thought that your so-called “good website” which is out-dated and slow can irritate the user?


Yes! one of the important factors to consider when it comes to having a website which is a window of your brand to the world. No customer wants to use the website which is slow and out-dated even though you have the best services and products. You're as per the survey, 73% of user drop the website just because of its slow speed.


At such a moment, what best a company can do? The answer is very simple, hire a web development company in India. This is the best you can do for the marketing of your products and services. Such web development companies have professional web designers and developer who can make the best website for your company and can optimize it.


For example, if you are a company that provides matrimonial services and make the best presence in the world, hiring matrimonial portal development in India is the best way to create your presence in the market. See, there is plenty of matrimonial website in the market and in order to be the best, you need to have the best website that supports your customer in their ways. Hiring a web developer for your company can do wonders.


All you need to do is finding the best and professional web development company in India that can optimize your website and give special attention to it as designing or developing a website is not enough. We have just talked about,


Right? Your web developers need to be your till-end players. Someone who does not even develop or design your website but can keep special attention to it.


Here in this blog, further, we will talk about how you can speed up and recover your website in just 30 minutes. Let’s get started

  1. Install Google PageSpeed on your Server.

The module of page speed is one of the open-source modules comes from Google which routinely optimizes the speed of your website. It basically makes alterations to your files and server, that follows the website’s best practices performance, without having you to do anything.

  1. Minify CSS files and Javascript

If your website uses a lot of CSS files and JavaScript, there would be really high chances that your website is asking the user’s browser to treat such files individually. This practice is one of the reasons that lead to requests in bulk which impact your website badly.

  1. Fix all broken links on your website

Yes! the broken links inside your content don’t affect the website’s speed but can make bad user experiences. Broken links in your CSS, JavaScript and image URLs can make your website slower.

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