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DMS Software

Document management software (DMS) is an essential part of running a successful enterprise or businesses of any size and scope, allowing companies to create, manage, organize, and store documents. Optimize your company's sensitive data repositories with effective document management, seamless integration, top security features, easy mobile access, cloud-hosted DMS, and keyword searchable libraries. TEC's vast array of document management vendors and solutions will enable you to choose the right DMS for your business' needs.

The best document management system gives every authorized employee swift access to a required record. With a digital DMS, files are much safer, searchable, and accessible on any platform—from a personal cell phone to an office workstation. The question for any business isn't whether they should have a document management application, but which one would best meet their needs.

Regardless of the industry served, document management tools must meet the following needs:

Damage protection: this includes protecting against fire, flood, insects and rodents, cyberattacks, theft, and data degradation

Damage protection: Ease of accessibility: stored information must be properly indexed so it is easily located and accessed

Damage protection: Support for paper and digital documents: the system must be able to manage documents from every source, including actual paperwork and electronic communications such as emails

Damage protection: Document tracking: a record of the various versions of a document and the changes made by each user

Damage protection: User access controls: the records manager or administrator must be able to define access levels for different roles, ensuring that only authorized employees can only access—and modify—sensitive documents


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