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Software for Insurance Agents/Brokers

IMS (Insurance Management Software)

Software for Insurance Agents/Brokers

The world of insurance is changing. The digital age is here. You need a new platform that will transform your business and empower your people to succeed.

An Insurance Management Systemis software that assists insurance agencies with a centralized document storage policy.It can store and perform various tasks with the documents, keep all the data sorted and categorized in document profiles, automate document queries, and make it almost impossible to lose those documents.

The main goal of any insurance management system for an insurance company is to improve and automate performing various tasks with documents, and the advanced systems also cover various management features to provide superior customer service.

Star Web Maker offers all kinds of Insurance Management Software Services and solutions that enable efficient end-to-end business process management in the insurance industry. With leading-edge automation capabilities and quick-to-deploy solutions, our offerings help companies eliminate operational inefficiencies and acceleratetime-to-market across the entire portfolio of investment products (life, general & Motor vehicle insurance).

The software allows for multi-angel insurance business management at a possible cost with custom features and functionalities. The online Insurance Management System Software Solution is a completely automated and integrated policy processing system for both personal as well as commercial insurance carriers. It is a stable reliable and profitable solution for carrying out all business-critical insurance processing functions.

Star Web Maker is a leading Insurance Software Solutions Providerfor all segments of the insurance community & insurance product management. Our web-based Insurance Management System Softwaresolution helps to solve long-standing time-to-market challenges. Our expertise and web-based insurance management system expertise and solution can dramatically reduce service costs associated with policy ownership.

We offer a focused and supported approach to provide a secure future for our clients through an affordable solution that helps to meet their requirements and expectations.

Example of IMS (Insurance Management Software)

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Master Data:

  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle List
  • Financier List
  • Insurance List
  • Service Provider List


  • Partner:
  • Create Partner
  • Partner List
  • Employee:
  • Create Employee
  • Employee List

Create Policy:

  • Add New Policy
  • Add Short Policy
  • Upload Bulk Policy

Policy Report:

  • Policy Pending - Export to Excel
  • Policy Final Report - Export to Excel

Sales Report Listing

  • Export to Excel

Nominee Account:

  • Primary Account
  • Nominee Account


  • Add Payment
  • Payment Paid Statement


  • Samadhan Enquiry
  • Send Emails


Create Policy:-

  • Add New Policy
  • Add Short Policy

Policy Report:-

  • Policy Pending - Export to Excel
  • Policy Final Report - Export to Excel

Nominee Account:

  • Primary Account Listing
  • Nominee Account Listing


  • Payment Paid Statement


  • Create Samadhan Enquiry
  • Samadhan Enquiry Listing


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