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Google Trends: How to Use Google Trends for Keyword Research?

Google Trends for Keyword Research

Gone are the days when it was difficult to find out the perfect niche for a better ranking of the search engines. Keyword research tools can come in various sizes and shapes. We are sure that you have used different tools having the same concept and idea of searching the best. These tools are used to get an idea regarding the keywords that will help to bring traffic by showing particular keyword suggestions. After that, you will get an estimation to know the difficulty level to rank your site in a top position for those specific keywords. This is the simplest definition we can say regarding keywords and their importance in getting ranking on SERP. It is working for people for a long time and continues as the backbone of their keyword research process. There are very fewer tools which are used to find out the trending keywords easily. These trending keywords are like a treasure of true value most importantly in a certain niche. As we already have many free tools to know the number of times a key phrase is getting searched by the people in search engines. Such as keyword suggestion tool. As this tool allow you to enter your desired key phrase, do the search and find the word count and also you will get the related key phrases as well. For example, if you type a phrase "packers and movers", you will get all matched terms such as "storage services", "packers and movers", "movers and packers", "storage services" etc. You should try it at least once for free before wasting time and money on paid tools. Definitely, it depends on your needs and budget, but if you have a particular desire, then it is always suggested to look around first and get the better software and service that can give the match you are searching for. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget and want to get your desired results then you should do a test drive with Google Trending tool. Yes, if you are looking for a free and easy to use the tool then here in this writing we are going to describe the best keyword research method before you. It will help you to get the best topics you might not have got before. It is an amazing place that can help you to meet your keyword research requirements. Keyword Research and Google Trends It is very easy to use and it will be like a fun if while using this toll for a while you will also see massive potentials. Always give special attention to the options between exact words, phrase and broad but also the terms related to negative search. This is the biggest benefit you will get with this tool. Resource: Google Trends Google Trends used to show the hop topics for the exact phrases and also those keywords that are not yet lead by leading websites of where the search engines seeking for relevant and fresh content. The basic concept here is that you can get a quick jump after getting the proper idea regarding a topic or a keyword. In this manner, you can easily beat the competition in the fastest way. In this tool, you will get a section "Search Trends" graph for every keyword. You can directly take this graph from here in order to get the popularity of keywords over the past year. Just check out how to use Google Trends for keyword research: Star Web Maker, we suggest you to spend at least 15 minutes to know Google Trends in a better way and to get a clear idea regarding the type of data for the best match according to your requirements. Whenever you start working with the tool, you will start to look at how you can use it to know your desired audience, know your competitors and develop creative ideas for content. You will start from the home page, at the moment you will quickly get a number of trending searches related to politics, the entertainment industry, business, sports and others. It is an interesting task and place where you can spend lots of hours to explore your information. To complete your purpose of keyword analysis, you need to enter into the search field and check out the data uncovered. Let's begin by entering "AMC services" into the search field. At the moment, you will get a graph that will show search activities according to the phrase over time. Search results will appear pretty consistent, without including some peaks that were highlighted by new stories that displayed high interest in the subject. However, in order to make the search more perfect, we can refine it according to:

  • Country,
  • Timeframe,
  • Categories,
  • Type of Search and etc.
Concluding remarks: Finding trending keywords Using Google Trends is very easy to get desired and trending keywords to save time and money both. Definitely, it is very beneficial to get more establishments if you are top ranked. And it is possible if you have required information regarding your content, video topics, social media content and other thoughts a competitive niche. Before starting with Google Trends you should be sure regarding your topics. Do your best and make sure that putting efforts and time into developing new content or giving a new touch to the old content is worth the investment. So just begin brainstorming and get the advantage of the traffic by using Google Trends as a keyword planner.

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