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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Classified Website

Online classifieds websites have replaced printed advertisements in many ways. They help us find a job, a place to live, a car, and other things we cannot do without in our daily life. Additionally, people actively use these platforms to buy or sell second-hand items.

In this article, you will learn how to build a classified website and how much does it cost to build a classified website. We’ll analyse how classifieds websites work, discuss revenue models that help obtain profits from this type of online platform, as well as functionality they should have.

What Is A Classifieds Website?

Classified website designed for publishing ads for goods & services. Some companies also offer job openings on such platforms looking for new employees.

Individuals are provided with both free as well as paid listings on these promotional platforms.

Advertisements from categories or classes – that is how classifieds websites got their name. The most common categories are real estate, services, vehicles, for sale, and jobs.

Classified ads marketplaces fall into two groups: horizontal & vertical.

Use of Classified Website

Classified websites are designed for those who are searching for a web advertisement for their requirement. However could not spend or don’t want to spend money on it. Because sometimes due to less trust on internet and sometimes lack of money.

However, it is true that their work can get progress if they will get what they require. Many people were afraid of spending money on the internet as well as being targeted by wrong links of money. And therefore the loss chances were high in their minds.

To increase the circle of internet people offered free services to win people’s faith & to help those who were in need of free advertising. A Classified website is a popular and effective way to find what you need also offer your service on the internet. And the internet is the only place where you can connect with the entire world at one place and all the audience can be of your interests.

Benefits of Classified Website

#1: User-Friendly Interface

The classified ad websites are specially designed to attract a huge number of potential customers. If the website interface is complex, users may not understand the terms and conditions easily. They may even switch to a further site without wasting a second. Therefore these classified ad websites have a user friendly interface that also make things easier that buying and selling prices between two parties. You only need to go and post an ad without getting into official registrations. The user who wants to purchase something can without difficulty browse through the displayed categories on the website or even use the search to find the required items.

#2: Cost-Effective Way

Since most the online sites are free and don’t charge anything, the seller will not need to manage a large marketing budget for posting an ad the same ways as a buyer who can make a deal directly with the seller without paying a single money for registering at the site.

#3: Huge Number of Customers

We all recognize that the world is becoming a global village. Internet technology has enabled communication of users from all across the world. People can contact with anyone sitting anywhere in the world within minutes. Marketing on the internet also has many advantages. In typical marketing approaches it takes months to make a strong customer support. Nevertheless using the internet the free classified websites easily get thousands of customers within few days. Audience for these sites everyone includes who uses internet.

#4: Generating Web Traffic

Several companies have their own websites for selling products. They can use the free classified sites to generate traffic for their website. They can post an advertisement with a link and a brief description of their website. This way anyone who reads the ad would click on the link as well as will be automatically routed to the site in the link.

#5: Unlimited Sales

As mentioned previously, internet technology has a worldwide audience. If you post the ad about something that is in fashionable or demand around the world, you may wind up having a large number of orders for your product. Your business may grow unexpectedly faster and your sales might double in less than a week.

#6: Easy To Manage

The free classified ads site allow sellers to post an advertisement without restricting them to a per defined format. Generally, the sellers write their ads as per their needs. Some ads are detailed with description while some are short & brief. Furthermore once the ad is posted, the sellers can re post it on other sites too. They can additionally refresh their ad from time to time using the “renew” option on these sites.

#7: Adding Image with Ads

Adding colorful and noticeable images also attracts a huge number of customers. Usually, people don’t have time to read long descriptions of a product. They make up their mind to buy the product just by looking at the displayed image

#8: 24 x 7 Operability

Free classified sites run on servers that remain operational 24 hours constantly. This enables the user to visit the site at any time of the day. Consumers will not need to concern as their ad is being viewed by people in the world irrespective of the time frame.

#9: Great Profit

The profits you make by selling your product on free classified sites are all yours. You don’t need to pay one percent to any third party involved.

#10: No Geographical Limits

You will not be a barrier by geographical location. Your market consists of an international audience of all types.

Key Features of Classified (C2C) Business

Here is a list of key features of Classified (C2C) Business. Have a look.

  • Everyone can list a product or service for sale.
  • Creating a listing is totally free
  • Paid options to improve your listing.
  • Customers can view product images and other product-related information without registering themselves.
  • The consumer can contact the seller directly.
  • The consumer can buy products from many merchants.
  • The same client can act as both buyers and a seller.
  • Customers can communicate directly with sellers and do without an intermediary
  • There are low transaction costs; a merchant can post their goods over the internet at a much lower rate that is better than higher price of renting a place in a store.
  • It is always available therefore that customers can have access to whenever they want to buy
  • The classified marketplace will allow a consumer to search products by applying various filters for example; most popular product, bestseller, from your city & may more.
  • Different sellers can bid on a products wishlist item listed by the several consumer. What they are looking for is so, that the buyer can get the very different best prices and offers from sellers.
  • Social media linking features contain community or forum discussion as well as blog or other social media website link interface.
  • Separate clone script end-to-end interface includes features for admin to manage gallery setting, seller as well as buyer accounts, payment settings, etc.
  • Customers who selling products / services to other customers profit from the advanced profitability that result from selling directly to one another.

Cost Analysis of Classified Website Development

The cost of any classified website development depends upon a variety of factors for example they functionality you want your requirements & on which platform you want to grow your website. There are many difficulties in app such as Olx, eBay, Quikr and many more. The Cost of building a multi-vendor website depends on many factors like:

  • Design expenses
  • Hosting expenses
  • Standard platform-based development
  • Choice of platform
  • Payment gateway integration and many more.

When it comes to designing a multi-vendor classified website such as Olx the overall classified website development cost is hard to decide. But on average, for designing a single web page will cost about $20 to $40. The average total cost will be about $12,000 to $18,000 depending on the features described above.


The classified business comes a long way with the advent of the internet. Classified business is showing some unbelievable results & making progress with time. There are still a lot of opportunities in classified business. Classified business is still a high margin and business with high-interest rates for newcomers in the industry.

If you are interested in developing a classified website like Quikr clone for your C2C business, Star Web Maker is the Best Classified Website Development Company that can provide you with the best solution to your problems. Our experienced, as well as the professional team of developers carriers out the best out of the best solutions for our loyal customers. Give us a chance to prove ourselves and we can achieve your expectations.

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