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This century is known as technological century, here people can’t think to live without technology. From children to old one everyone are using technologies in many way. The modern Technologies are using through people living in any places in the world for their facility and comfort zone. The fact that the technology has also increased the performance of daily activities.

The Advance Technology has transformed the people’s communication such as radio, telephone, cellular technology, wireless internet etc. Technology is building bridges between people on other side of the globe, people belongs from other culture and background into contact with each other. Technology has made it possible for this information to reach wide. Online education making possible to render knowledge to student inhabiting remote location in the world.

Modern technology helps emerging country with different way for multi-functional devices, which have a strong infrastructure, small businesses and other municipal services. With the revolution of modern technology our life made easier, faster and better more.

Advance technology changed our lives in different ways, revolutionizing how we work, live and play.


Communication is area where technology has made a big impact in real life of people Conversing with people outside of your immediate vicinity was once a difficult process, requiring physical letters and a lot of patience. In last century, professional communication like letter writing, faxing on the telephone, now in modern century Email and smart devices is primary mode of business communication in every workplaces.

Cloud computing and Decentralized work-

The escalation of smart devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones are made easier for professional to work from anywhere, and it has move to flexible-work environments like freelancing and work from home, work on demand. Recently the adoption of cloud computing which allows workers to store and use data and applications on a server, more accelerated in work places.

Internet and Search-The major tool that become so common place, unremarkable is the internet and its organization through search portal like Google, Bing and FireFox. Information retrieval and research using internet tools has become an indispensable tool for all work.

Office Productivity- Word processing, spreadsheets, digital presentations and other office productivity software have become so commonplace that their use has become routine, and this has completely transformed office work.

Conversational systems- Conversational systems, like chat bots and personal assistants, are important AI tools. Many companies have deployed chat bots to offer round-the-clock customer support and customer support systems usually have bots as front-line agents, backed up by human agents. Another use of conversational technology is the use of talking assistants that are integrated across their home and work environments and are designed to help workers navigate their duties.

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