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Top 10 Latest Web Design Trends In 2021

If you own any business with an online presence, keeping up with the latest website design trends is essential to your success. Numerous companies see their site as a way to allow their customers know that they exist, however a website is much more than that. It’s frequently the first thing that your customers see when they find your products and services. That’s why it is important to keep up with the latest web design trends to ensure that you have the best site for your business.

If you’re prepared to give your website a refresh for 2021, check out these trends and think which ones might help take your website to the next level.

Fundamental of Good Web Design

The initial step in building an audience is to get them to your page. The next step is keeping them there and persuading them to make a purchase. Good website design is the key to getting your customers to stay when they find you. A well-designed site builds clients trust and makes them more willing to do work with you.

One of the essentials of good web design is fast load time & page speed. How many times have you gone to the next search result because the page loads too gradually? The customer who just moved on to your competition did that, as well. If you are still asking the query “Why should I hire a professional?”

Here are some reasons why you should…

  • Knowledge & Experience
  • Monitoring Services
  • Your SEO web copy will be optimized
  • More cost-effective than lost visitors

Top 10 Web Design Trends In 2021

Here are Top 10 Web Design Trends that will help you make 2021 brighter.

1. Dark Mode

With all those screen time hours racking up between our computers, phones, and TVs, our eyes are more discolored than ever. This was one of the UX design trends 2021 brought is, with Instagram introducing a dark mode and Apple & Android offering dark themes for their devices. It gives a less tiring user experience, something very significant if you want people to stay on your site or app for a long time.

In 2021, expect to see dark mode expand into web design for all type of businesses & organizations. Not only is it soothing to the eye, however it also lets you draw attention to certain parts of the page by highlighting them with white or color. A dark mode-inspired web design is recent, cool, and sure to make your site stand out.

2. A New Take On Gradients

While gradients have been famous among intended for a few years now, don’t expect them to go anywhere in 2021. This trend is holding sturdy, and in the year ahead expects to see gradient backgrounds and site elements updated with a 3D effect to make them jump off the page.

The compliment gradients of the past few years still look fresh, however if you’re looking for some brand new Webs Design Trends for 2021 consider making those gradients pop with additionally shading and dimension. This can be completed to site graphics, logos, or anywhere you want a pop of color.

3. Depth and Dimension

Jumping off the 3D gradient trend, depth and dimension in website design is amazing you will see more of in 2021. This can be accomplished with the use of drop shadows and a two-tone design. Flat icons and design elements can be updated to what is sometimes called flat design 2.0, where a bit of depth & dimension is added while still maintaining the clear straightforwardness that flat design offers.

4. Neumorphism

You may perceive the term neumorphism because of the relevant term of skeuomorphism. While the two ideas are strongly related, neumorphism has a new focus and it’s focused on the color palette. This concept provides a unique experience for their users and will be trending in the 2021-2022 as well. Neumorphism means a softer interface, lighter touches, and frees of the eye-catching designs that we may see. Neumorphism combines skeuomorphism and flat design to make more dimensions.

5. Parallax Animation

Another way to add some profundity to your user interface is with parallax animation. In 2021, this noticeable type of web design will be used in creative and impressive ways, since it can be endlessly customized to accomplish the desired effect.

When used subtly in change and as a scroll effect, parallax draws users in by transforming the screen from a flat, immobile page, to a dynamic & layered landscape. When parallax is used significantly, making lots of page elements move around the screen, it can be a serious attention-grabbing and immersive tool.

Parallax is an extraordinary method to break up grid design. Since a website can still be designed on a grid, the parallax effects make it look more fluid rather than inflexible and unsurprising.

6. Interactive Web Design

Since immersing users in a pleasant experience that they don’t want to leave is one the top web design goals, we’re going to see a more intuitive approach to web design in the year ahead. Look for scroll-triggered animations, which encourage users to investigate the site in order to find the full range of animation effects.

This trend additionally extends to drift triggered micro interactions & micro animations. These little surprises make for a charming user experience and are adjusted to suit the particular aesthetics and personality of each brand.

7. Different Scrolling Styles

While vertical scrolling has been the standard for providing website have been around, horizontal scrolling has become more refined and UX friendly in modern years, making this web design trend to look out for next year. This is particularly well-liked for mobile devices because you can easily swipe left & right.


Horizontal scrolling is a great navigation option if your website necessitates that you feature large images, as an artist’s portfolio might since it allows you to easily fill the page with content that can even spill over across the x-axis. Horizontal & vertically scrolling can be combined in interesting ways to make for websites that are efficiently organized and user friendly while feeling interesting and novel to navigate.

8. Product-Inspired Design Elements

As designers look for ways to cater their design work to the requirements of each particular client, more are including elements that are enthused by the actual products or services offered on the site. One example could be two section divided by a line that’s shaped like dripping paint for a nail polish website. This website design trend pulls visitors on top of the world being created by the web designed team.

9. Imperfection

Since the eye can exhausted and get bored with a generic, grid-based web design, imperfection will be one of the most important Web Design Trends of 2021. This can be accomplished in various different ways, including the parallax effect we looked at before. Another way you’ll see this noticeable in the year ahead is through hand-drawn elements.

These human touches give web designs a more organic, individual feel that is invigorating and engaging when you’re spending so much of the day looking at digitally rendered design elements.

10. Video Elements

Video is no stranger to any website designer & owner. If a picture is value a thousand words, how many words is a video value? Prepare to see way more use of embedded videos on home pages, as web designers tap into the communicative power of videos.

These videos can be anything from a short way of life clip of a product being used in the case of a company that manufactures a customer goods to a behind the scenes clip of a photographer at work in the case of a expert photography portfolio, a musician performing arts on their music portfolio website, or anything else that may be suitable for a given web design.

Make Your Website Trendy With Star Web Maker Services!

This was the list of top web design trends for 2021. Select those that reflect your brand identity & are just perfect for your website. Can’t decide? No worries! The Web Designers at Star Web Maker will help you with the choice of suitable techniques and make your website look trendy!

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